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new varmit gun what you think
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Author:  Trapper24/7 [ 24 Jan 2008, 12:39 ]
Post subject:  new varmit gun what you think

i just found a new varmit gun that is a 222 on top a 12 gauge on the bottom and i think it will be great for the predator hunting because i can reach out and touch them with the 222 or when they come close then i can shoot them with the 12 gauge what do u guys think about that u think it is a good gun for me to buy

Author:  foxtrapper [ 28 Jan 2008, 10:49 ]
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sounds like nice gun. where did find something like that ive been looking for the same kind of set up but with 22 over a .410 just to keep around the farm for the pest that we run across.

Author:  archerobx [ 31 Jan 2008, 23:36 ]
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I have a savage 24F 222/20 and love it. If you got a good deal buy it.

Author:  backwoodsman [ 13 May 2009, 12:01 ]
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Ive had several Savage combo's, loved them all. .22/20ga was my favorite for squirrels/small game. The .222/12 would be an excellent gun for predator hunting. Only drawback was scoping the .222 for longer range hampers pointing the shotgun tube. Did you buy it?

Author:  adksasquatch [ 03 Jun 2009, 17:55 ]
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I've seen these, but I've always found them to be too heavy if you're doing any carrying. I'd like to have one anyway. :D

Author:  backwoodsman [ 03 Jun 2009, 21:19 ]
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Ive owned several combo guns, they are a good compromise between carrying two guns for game/varmints. Theres an M6 scout made by Henry thats .22 over .410. It was designed as a survival gun for air crews I believe? Holds 10 .22's and 4 .410 shells in the buttstock. They are a rugged dependable gun. Wish I still had mine. My favorite of the savages was the .22/20ga also. It wasnt the best for rabbits/birds but it was a squirrel killer(and real quiet with shorts or CB's). I had the .30-30/12ga also, it was a good varmint gun too. If I was in an area where rifles and shotguns were legal for deer/bear I'd have another. The 12ga loaded with 00/000 or no.4 buck would make a good backup to the .30-30. You could do worse then the .222/12ga for certain. I'd like a .223/12ga myself but I dont think they ever made one? .223 brass and surplus ammo is cheaper and easier to come by.

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