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.17 hmr
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Author:  txtrapper10 [ 06 Jan 2008, 22:03 ]
Post subject:  .17 hmr

I was calling the other night and called up a grey fox. I was shooting a .22 LR and shot the fox right behind the shoulder but it ran off. I am thinking about buying a .17hmr. I just dont want it to leave a bbig hole inn the fur. Does anyone know if its a good gun to use for fox and coons?

Author:  foxtrapper [ 23 Jan 2008, 09:00 ]
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the 17hmr is a nice little gun and would be good for fox and coon sized animals but nothing really larger. i was shooting my girlfriends dads a couple weeks ago and shot a fox about 75 yards out and dropped it dead in its tracks and then a rabbit about 125 out and it jumped about 3 foot in the air and landed dead. the one thing you will figure out if you decide to get one is you have you be really steady when you shoot since they are so fast one little flinch is going to throw you off target. another gun you might consider is a .223 if you plan on shooting anything a little bigger like a yote.

Author:  txtrapper10 [ 23 Jan 2008, 22:25 ]
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Thanks fo the info. I think i may buy one. Sounds like a neat little gun

Author:  BIGSHOW [ 07 Feb 2008, 13:12 ]
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I have a 17hmr and wouldn't trade it for nothing. I have shot alot of animals with it. Ghog's, Fox, Crow, Rabbit, Coyote. I use it mostly for Ghog's and Crow. I shot the Coyote with it and got lucky with the shot at 140 yrd's it went behind the right shoulder and stuck in the left side. He weighd 37 lbs. and only went 10yrd's after the shot really luck. Fox trapper is right it shot fast so you have to be steady. I put a after market Rafix is the name I think but you can adjust it. They have 2 kind's one is from oz's to 2lbs. and the other is from 2- I think 5 lbs. I have mine set at 8oz. and love to shot it. I was playing with it in the back yard shotting milk jug's filled with H2O. I had them set at 100,150 and was holding at the top in drilling them. I had one at 300 and missed the frist time and hit it the next 2 time's. It is great to shoot.

Author:  fuzz269 [ 27 Jul 2008, 14:06 ]
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I also shot a odie at just over 140 yards right throu the shoulders. He only whent 20 pases and there was no hide damage. I was usin those plastic tiped winchester shells. The 17 HMR is a fav of mine.

Author:  illtrapper2 [ 27 Jul 2008, 22:09 ]
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You could probably kill a bear with the .17 if the shot was placed correctly, but it dosent mean its enough gun. I personally wouldn't get one if you are only going after yotes, a guy I know shot a yote at 75 yards and it fell over dead? He started to walk over to it and it got up and took off, never to be seen again. Now all you .17 lovers please don't get all worked up, I think they have thier place, I just do not think thier the best choice for yotes. I would recommend a center fire in one of the endless .22 cals. You just need to figure out what you want from the gun and go from there, and for what the .17 cal ammo sells for you could almost get a box of .223s.

Author:  fuzz269 [ 06 Aug 2008, 10:43 ]
Post subject: 

Aren't u supposed to place the bullet in the correct spot every time u pull the triger or at least try your best to do so regardless of what u are shooting or what u are shooting it with.

Author:  LONE GUNMAN [ 06 Aug 2008, 19:06 ]
Post subject: 

I will tell you what if you are going to shoot little critters and a pop shot at a yote or a cat evey once in awhile at close range under 150 then a .17 is a good little gun......but like stated before a .223 will give you more bang for your buck and with the choices in ammo you can shoot just about everything with it......shooting 36 grain varmit granades you wouldnt have an exit wound on anaimals the size of a gray.....and we would fall over dead.....using 70 horndy ammo I have killed two nice bucks....both at over 100 yrds......I have killed cats at over 300 and yotes at the same distances.....
so in my opinion for my area and my needs a 223 cant be beat.

Author:  singlefeather [ 09 Aug 2008, 01:05 ]
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I have a 17 and a 204 and let me tell you a 204 will do a good job on yote. But given everything I will go with the 223 when you put in all the factors.

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