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.270 for WI yotes?
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Author:  huntnfish08 [ 08 Nov 2007, 21:08 ]
Post subject:  .270 for WI yotes?

I'm getting into predator hunting this year and will be calling for coyotes and fox. I've got a .270win MK77 and a Marlin 17HMR. Is the .270 w/100gr factor ammo too much for coyotes?(I would like to sell the hides) Can the 17HMR take down a coyote?
I realize I need an inbetween gun but its not in the budget.
Most shots "should" be in fields, ranges up too 300yards.

Should I shoot the .270 or try to coax 'em in close for the HMR and HOPEFULLY a head shot?

when I do buy a gun I was thinking about the H&R Varmint(thumbhole stock) in .223. Good choice or opt for repeater?

Author:  coyotehunter91 [ 10 Nov 2007, 19:39 ]
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get the coyote within 150 yards and you will be able to shoot them with the 17hmr. A 270 will create too big of an hole, thus you will get severley docked on the price you get for the pelts because of the 2 large holes in it.

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