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Hunt or trap?
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Author:  MEtrapper [ 21 Sep 2006, 08:45 ]
Post subject:  Hunt or trap?

Would you rather hunt furbearers or trap them? Coyotes, raccoons, and foxes in particular.

Author:  TrapperKD [ 21 Sep 2006, 08:50 ]
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That's a tough one. They're both fun...

If I am thinking about pelt condition I would rather trap them. Less damage to the fur.

Author:  MEtrapper [ 21 Sep 2006, 13:48 ]
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I'd have to agree. For pelt sale value, trapping does less damage. Plus, with the exception of treeing coons with dogs, I think hunting is pretty much hit-or-miss, especially on foxes. You either find the fox, or you don't. With the trap, they come to you, most of the time.

Years back, a fellow down the road from my grandfather used to run his coonhounds everynight until his shed was filled with loaded with fur.

Author:  Houndsman [ 13 Jul 2008, 20:17 ]
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i would prefer trapping

Author:  LONE GUNMAN [ 13 Jul 2008, 22:00 ]
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When I run my lines I take both a .223 and a call or two. I run alot at night and always have a spot light going, if Max goes to check a trap then I sit there and call and hope to get a set of eyes. If we are out during the day we may find a good spot to set up and see what happens.
When a cat brings 500 or 600 bucks then you use every trick in the book to pick him up. You as what I prefer....I prefer to get the animal on the strecher, what ever it takes.

Author:  backwoodsman [ 17 Jun 2009, 19:47 ]
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I like hunting but trapping is it for me! I dabble in fur hunting but 99% of my pelts come from traps. When fur price's are high I hunt alot more and combine the two like Lone does. When reds got up above $50 and coons were $40 I spent sometimes 20 hours a day chasing them. Ive stayed up 72 hours before between running the line, calling/coonhunting and then at least getting all the critters skinned.

Author:  adksasquatch [ 20 Jun 2009, 08:23 ]
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Well, considering my effectiveness this past season, I'll go with hunt... for now. Hopefully the lessons I've learned this past season will change that a bit. :roll:

Author:  backwoodsman [ 20 Jun 2009, 08:53 ]
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There's alot of educational material out there for all the outdoor pursuits. Our DNR even has some info on trapping. What kind of critters are you chasing/trying to trap?

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