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gun choice help
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Author:  acmetrapper [ 12 Aug 2007, 23:44 ]
Post subject:  gun choice help

I need some good information on a 22-250 204 and the 17 gun. which do you think would coyote and fox calling gun.

Author:  Brad H [ 22 Aug 2007, 00:41 ]
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A .223 or a .22mag might be best for fox. For coyotes my choice is a 220 Swift.


Author:  MEtrapper [ 26 Aug 2007, 13:41 ]
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No shotgun option?

I friend of mine has the 204 and loves it for coyotes but never has a chance to really stretch it out long distance in the forested north country...hence why I lug the 12 gauge.

I don't know how the 204 would handle foxes, especially at closer ranges. The 22 Mag would be good for both within limits.

Author:  jpbear [ 07 Sep 2007, 17:06 ]
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22 250
some say you can kill deer with them to! :lol:

Author:  Rimrock Hunter [ 16 Dec 2013, 20:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: gun choice help

It depends................do you just want to kill them or do you want to save the pelts> makes a big difference .

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