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pulled all my leg holds well.
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Author:  wcollinge2000 [ 20 Feb 2007, 20:07 ]
Post subject:  pulled all my leg holds well.

I pulled all my leg holds except for two sets that I surmise I will not catch a coon. I had a couple sets trying to get one last rat as the ice is melting but yesterday and today I caught a coon todays coon looked real good caught in a #1 blake + lamb long spring I was happy that I thought it got away but it was so exausted it laid down and its head was laying in a puddle 10 feet away . not a rub on it. that is what supprised me the most. was a hind foot catch and like I stated it pulled out and was free. Just took too much out of it. that is amaizing never ever has that happened to me. could have been that it was wet also and had gotten hypothermia too. that is really what I think happened . yesterdays one was rubbed . I had thought no I won't get a coon this is set to get a muskrat. Atleast one was good Won't let it happen again . I loaded the catch pole in the car so If I don't catch what I want its going free. got a possom that looked real good gonna skin that it will be the first think I am going to freeze it first make sure it is not so nasty. gotta get some gloves too. I only have 110 out and some sets that I have been catching a rabbit or two . well its all but singing now still trying for a weasel have to move some and rebait some. want to get two more that may be enough to do what I want to do with them.

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