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favorite sets for fox.
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Author:  STEELWALKER [ 08 Sep 2006, 17:51 ]
Post subject:  favorite sets for fox.

I lied. Don't really have a favorite, just "create" as surrounding conditions dictate. But here are some that I have used with regular consistency that work in my area.
1. Dirt hole (and all its variations)
2. Flat set.
3. Blind set.
4. Rub set.
5. Curiosity arouser. (use of some sort of flagging)
6. Water set.
7. Chaff set.
8. Cross over log.
9. Snow Trail (blind set)

Ok, what are some other favorites?

Author:  TrappinJohn [ 08 Sep 2006, 20:22 ]
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For canines, my most productive is the flat set or scent post. I started out with dirt holes, but set fewer and fewer of them every year.


Author:  Lil Bit [ 08 Sep 2006, 22:47 ]
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Without a doubt, my favorite so far is the campfire set, followed up by the hayset.

Author:  ADC [ 12 Sep 2006, 23:28 ]
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A snare in thier trail can't be beat in my book.


Author:  Samuelhasguns [ 01 Oct 2006, 10:58 ]
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I agree with John, The fox and coyotes seem too hit the flat sets better for some reason i dont undersand lol

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