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wisc. cable restraint device
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Author:  STEELWALKER [ 07 Sep 2006, 21:09 ]
Post subject:  wisc. cable restraint device

Ok, who has used the cable restraint devices and what is your opinion of them? I purchased a dz. last year but never got them out. Any suggestions on the hows, wheres etc, etc . I'll be the newbee on this one. :)

Author:  warcraft1975 [ 08 Sep 2006, 00:32 ]
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by cable restraint do you mean a snare?or is it differnt?if so let me know about what animals you are trying to cacth and i will try to answer it for ya, since every snare is set to an animals hight and width

Author:  TrapperKD [ 08 Sep 2006, 00:39 ]
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No, a snare is a killing device. A cable restraint is just that... a holding device.

Author:  warcraft1975 [ 08 Sep 2006, 00:43 ]
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snares can be used both ways ,some snares have a relaxing lock on them to loosen up a bit to keep the animal alive(live cacth snare)or a snare can be set up in an area with no entagelment and that to will hold them alive,or a snare can be use with aggressive locks for dispacth(like a cam lock)or you can give the critter something to get entangled on like a small tree or stiff weeds or a kill pole to help dispacth them

Author:  warcraft1975 [ 08 Sep 2006, 00:55 ]
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i had to look it up to b e sure but a cable restaint device and a live cacth snare are pretty much the same thing.in wisc. looks like you guys have to use bads(break way device)relaxing locks,and a deer stop(man that sucks)a cable restraint and a snare get set up the same but i would assume that in wisc you probally cant put it in a situation where it will become entagled in somthing or the animal wouldnt be alive when you get there,so that doesnt leave a lot or areas to use these restaint cables, pretty much just down to paths in feilds and alike were there nothing to get hung i geuss

Author:  STEELWALKER [ 08 Sep 2006, 01:19 ]
Post subject:  cable restraints

That's just it warcraft. Pretty limited. After reading all the no nos I have to follow in order to use them I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should've even bought them. I had/have been using #2 longsprings once the snow started piling up, so I thought these restraint devices might help me out. Even used some #3 jumps, but still it took alot of work to get and keep the set functioning.

Author:  warcraft1975 [ 08 Sep 2006, 01:32 ]
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granted i am pretty new to snaring myself(but we dont have all the hoopla you got)they would serve you well if you find the right locataions for them(is the idea in wisc. to make sure they stay alive)?how much snow do you get on average?when snow get alittle deep here(lol.we dont much snow anymore)ihead to higher ground and most of the time so will the critters which will make setting steel traps alittle better under lighter snow

Author:  STEELWALKER [ 08 Sep 2006, 17:38 ]
Post subject:  cable restraints

Snow has no average anymore. But if I were to quesstimate I would say 10" by Dec. up to 2' by Feb. Just depends.

Author:  TrapperKD [ 09 Sep 2006, 21:26 ]
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I just back from the WTA Convention. The Wisconsin Cooperative Trapper Education Program has a new video out about the cable restraint devices. I have the information here somewhere about how to get one. I will post it in the next day or two... when I find it.

Author:  whitetailaddict [ 12 Sep 2006, 10:43 ]
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video is $10, Muskrat productions, contact Mike Wiedner, he is known as Muskrat on T-man

Author:  ADC [ 12 Sep 2006, 23:18 ]
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The snares I use here in Iowa are basically the same as your cable restraints only I do not use a BAD on them. They are 7x7 3/32 cable with a big relaxing washer lock and a deer stop plus an end swivel. I set them to purposly live catch raccoons and red fox. I snare hundreds a season these. I set them where there is no signifigant entanglement. The larger locks and larger cable prevent fur damage and the set-ups couldn't be simpler. Now coyotes are another story. They can and do chew through this cable so early morning checks are a must and you still may lose a few. First off use 9ga. wire for your CR supports. You'll be glad you did. You need the most solid support wire you can get to get the CR to fire shut fast. Make yourself a loop 8" around and 8" off the surface of the trail to the bottom of the loop for fox/coons and use an 11" loop 12" off the ground for coyotes.


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