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tricks of trapping (?)
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Author:  new trapper [ 07 Sep 2006, 17:09 ]
Post subject:  tricks of trapping (?)

I was woundering if you could give me some tips so i can trap coyote, fox ,fisher, mink ,coons, muskrat, to the best of my abulities

Author:  Lil Bit [ 07 Sep 2006, 17:56 ]
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Have you taken a trappers education course? And have you thought about targetting just one species, or maybe two?

Author:  STEELWALKER [ 07 Sep 2006, 18:21 ]
Post subject:  beginning

Just a thought, but unless you have already purchased traps, lure and have a working knowledge of the animals you mention, plus a good chunk of free time for scouting, setting, skinning and putting up the fur, I would suggest to just go after marshrats. The various traps you can use for these is relatively minimal and the use of lure is almost never needed. So, if you just go after 1 species such as rats, you will be able to figure out if you want to spend the required $ on equipment for the other species you mentioned. Just my thoughts. I would also suggest as posted above going thru some sort of trappers education class or hook up with an experienced trapper who can show you the do's and don'ts.

Author:  warcraft1975 [ 08 Sep 2006, 00:20 ]
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the best advice i can give you or anyone else is that there are no real tricks to trapping or magic baits,learn the animals you wish to trap,learn all you can,food habits,where they perfer to live and so on,animals will allmost tell you what will be the easist way to trap them

Author:  whitetailaddict [ 12 Sep 2006, 10:52 ]
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Do not limit yourself to just one or two animals, you will learn a lot by trapping a variety of animals. See if there is any kind of mentor program, trap loan program, and trapper education program in your area. Sign up for all that are available. Invest/borrow some books/ videos. This will shorten up your learning curve a ton.

#1 use the right size trap for the targeted animal
#2 stake for the heaviest animal that you could catch (within reason obviously)
#3 be ethical/legal/ responsible first and foremost with everthing you do.

pm me if you have specific questions. WTA

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