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cold lure and catching critters for tanning
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Author:  wcollinge2000 [ 07 Feb 2007, 23:19 ]
Post subject:  cold lure and catching critters for tanning

In the cold weather it seems that the scent lure and bait lure don't seem to attract them like it should. at -10 to -18 every thing freezes almost instantly. locking in some of the scent . It is -6 at the moment I hope it gets above 0 to unlock the freshness a little.seems that some of the weasels are just passing by the box.I may have to go to a different lure or add some antifreeze . I just want to get some weasels to make somthing for my daughter. she may not ware them but I think it would be cool as slice bread. but Im old dad and not cool. you know the story. she may like it if I make them for her she may not. but I can't say she may go on this site and read what I want to do. I do want one to tan for my , I don't know what you would call it but I want to take some tanned fur and hang it by the noses and an oar handle with some kind of bough and maby an old trap or two for the corner . Kind of rustic and artsy in a way.
it may be my bait. there not attracted to beef liver. daughter is going to try to get some mouse bedding from the pet store.
maby this should have been in the campfire oops sorry.

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