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welcome to the deep freeze
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Author:  wcollinge2000 [ 14 Jan 2007, 02:01 ]
Post subject:  welcome to the deep freeze

today was cold lake pepin froze over night and so did all my traps since trapping in the current usually gets nothing but sticks. so it was chopp chopp ,tug tug and chopp again I should have pulled days ago but was hoping the mink that keeps walking around my smelly sets would make a mistake or the wind would be just right in my favour but to no avail so most all were under ice except for some land sets that were just fine for the most part . My daughter tried to set one off and as she is telling me dad the pan thingy is all the way down and it won't snap just as its snapping she jumps oh she says there it goes. so its off to the shallow more current less icy streams where I can set new sets that will be ready for the real cold as I will be setting them in it. I have permission to trap a couple places on different streams so here I go and gonna try to set some rat houses. I have a beaver house inmind too wanna try a pole set with snare's on it see how that works for me . Its warmer today but the ice is going to be where it will be if it gets cooler than it already was think it got down to 3 degrees its 16 right now so its a heat wave out there. good luck all and have a blast I am.

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