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beaver and sprung traps
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Author:  wcollinge2000 [ 01 Jan 2007, 20:29 ]
Post subject:  beaver and sprung traps

I have had many times pulled up a sprung trap . I used to stake them down real good pushing the stake in real hard, but there was alot of empty traps that were sprung. I tried other meathods to no avail wondering if they were just smart . Well I did start to just put the stakes in so that they would just fall away easy enough and I started to catch more and more . this is somthing I learned 10 years ago and use it today . I put a wire on it long enough for the beaver to fall away from the run and or to deeper water there are alot less sprung traps and lots more beaver not that I am great at it but last time I trapped beaver I caught 40 of them now I have more traps and just started well kind of I was trying for other things and now have more time to concentrate on the beaver. Back to the tip I learned stake lightly and wire trap with longer wire to somthing very solid and your luck may be better of course there is always going to be the very smart ones that will always elude or even leave the area well good luck all.

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