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tips on catching mink
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Author:  wcollinge2000 [ 01 Jan 2007, 03:07 ]
Post subject:  tips on catching mink

need some tips on mink . I see people add what they caught so this is what I caught . first whats a grinner.Ok I have 17 beaver one 80 lbs. 3 mink, 200 muskrats,29 coon,1 red fox, 80 possum,one ferril cat, 2 squirrls ,1 otter.

Author:  Lil Bit [ 01 Jan 2007, 10:22 ]
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1: A grinner is an opossum
2: You've got 3 mink andyou need tips? :) Sounds like you're doing fine. *LOL*

Author:  wcollinge2000 [ 01 Jan 2007, 11:19 ]
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Lil Bit wrote:
1: A grinner is an opossum
2: You've got 3 mink andyou need tips? :) Sounds like you're doing fine. *LOL*
Those were all caught in blind sets I have not caught any in traps that I thought were intended for mink, One was caught in a set for coon in a run along a creek, another was caught in a muskrat feeder run and the third in a bank den run for muskrat. Im wondering if my trap location is bad I have seen three different mink in the same location I can tell all three are different one is huge and has a funny walk he may have been caught by some one else and am sure is extreamly trap shy.

Author:  Born2trap [ 01 Jan 2007, 13:46 ]
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sounds to me like your doing fine to, and same thing for me, i set a 110 on a run coming out of the water for muskrats, caught 2 rats in my first two traps, and my other one righ next to my other 2, i got a mink, and i never catch them in the channel sets, so i fyou want to catch them, look right at the waters edge along the bank and most of the time you will see trails being used by all sorts of critters, and stick your trap in there, and look for tracks to, usually mink have a cat like track but the toenails are visible in them, now it might take a few weeks or maybe a few days like mine did cause i got lucky, so anything that fits your style of sets then set it right on the waters edge. takes patience though so youll have to wait.

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