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getting about that time
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Author:  warcraft1975 [ 04 Sep 2006, 17:05 ]
Post subject:  getting about that time

well its getting about the time to finish getting traps and gear ready.i am all most done.been getting traps tuned and dyed.got all my dirt waxed and got some new antifreeze to try out.how about ya'll?you guys gettting your gear together?

Author:  wwtrapper [ 04 Sep 2006, 19:53 ]
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Am about ready but just need to get a few more 160s and build about a dozen more boxes. Should have plenty of time, wont start until at least Nov. 1st. Will be doing a lot of scouting starting mid September when grouse season starts. Me and my son should both draw a cat tag this year and hope to get one trapping.

Author:  TrapperKD [ 04 Sep 2006, 20:12 ]
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WW-- Good luck on the cats this year. I know the tags are few and far between in Wisconsin. Let us know how you did and how you caught them.

Author:  warcraft1975 [ 04 Sep 2006, 20:15 ]
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man you said the "c" word (cats) man i love them things, i cant wait to get out after them this year, i if see one more bobcat track while out scouting i am going to go insane,let me at'em let me at'em lol :D

Author:  Brad H [ 04 Sep 2006, 23:16 ]
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Now you're talkin my language. I'm almost good for all the gear I'll need, more permission than I can cover, now it's all scouting. I'm anxious for snow to get here so I can get a better idea of what these cats are going to do when the cold hits.

A couple of todays scouting pics...

A draw that heads in a huge rock and sandstone semi-circle.


The other side, to the right;


Unfortunately, somone else has, of had the same idea. Maybe last year, maybe four years ago. Either way, I'll talk to the land owner about this tagless longspring since currently no one else has permission.


The next draw over. Another nice rock ledge with potential;


Author:  Lil Bit [ 05 Sep 2006, 08:32 ]
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John was painting conibears yeseterday. The fumes wafted into the house and made me so sick. Tip: While yes, it's important that you be in a well ventilated area to do your painting, close all windows and doors to your home before you start outside, as your house will trap them inside. Bleh.

John doesn't want to start dying until October. I'm okay with that. We waited late last year as well. I would imagine if you speed dip though, you'd want to do it a lot earlier in the year to let the fumes dissapate, eh?

Author:  mink1574 [ 05 Sep 2006, 16:04 ]
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I dip in may,leave them hang til I use them,never any troubles with scent.Do use the coleman fuel tho,not gas.

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