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Dirthole help please?
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Author:  wildWV [ 26 Dec 2006, 19:45 ]
Post subject:  Dirthole help please?

Ok it has rained here in WV for last few days so tommarow I will be remaking my sets.I have been using Leggits K9 exciter and have caught some critters with it.They say to put all bait and or lure in the hole and dont put anything on the backing.So can some of you tell me how you bait and lure your dirtholes.Also some baits/lures you use and prefer?

Author:  armymedic.2 [ 26 Dec 2006, 20:29 ]
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I love russ carman's canine call for dirtholes, except for this year it has always put a fox or two in my bag. I just stuck a stick in the jar, and placed it deep in hole. I never put lure on the face of the hole, even though i have read that some people do for coon.

I have used a few of carman's gland lures with no results (on scent posts), but i think it was my fault not the lures.

Author:  Red Wolf [ 26 Dec 2006, 20:43 ]
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I second what armymedic2 said, just run a twig or small stick in your lure bottle and drop it in the hole, i usually throw it on top of my bait in the hole, or sometimes i just use lure only. Have olso heard instead of bait or lure in the hole you can put in a squirt of urine but i have never done that, usually put the urine where i have knelt down to dig the hole. I've only been trapping again for a year now but i did get 2 gray's and 1 yote using Adirondack lure in Long distance call and k-9 sepreme.-----RW :D

Author:  Ty-Bo67 [ 26 Dec 2006, 20:51 ]
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Don't know about lure but I make my hole about a foot or foot and a half deep and dip a stick in my lure/bait and rub it on outside of hole and then throw my stick in hole.

Author:  Born2trap [ 26 Dec 2006, 21:09 ]
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i dont know what kind of bait you can use, but if you want you can use both urine and bait, just stick the bait right in the hole, and squirt a few drops of urine around the hole to make it look like another k9 visited the spot making it look less obvious to a trap

Author:  smittystrapmods [ 26 Dec 2006, 22:00 ]
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I use cottonballs or Q-tips (comes in handy to use to "spruce-up" abit too in case you have a female CO who's a babe :wink: ).

If it's dry I wrap the lured cottonball in a wad of grass & poke it down the hole & add alittle dirt back in.

If it's wet, the lured Q-tip gets poked into the back of the hole to keep it out of any water that may accumulate.

As far as lures (I don't use much bait), I've developed a liking to Hoosier Trap Supply's Leatherwood Creek lures,especially their Long Distance Call & Coyote Carnage. Also Blackies TKO & Spotted Fury, Tom Beudette's Night Stalker. I use others, but those are my favorites.

As far as urine, I use red & coyote both (and may alternate them when freshening urine at a set). I don't use urine at every set, when I do, it's usually applied to the backing.


Author:  PhattTrapper [ 27 Dec 2006, 05:11 ]
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One of my old timer favorites is using eggshell halves. Almost all of my pocket and dirthole sets for coons I dab a bit of lure in an eggshell and place it far back in hole. I have used it in many fox and coyote sets also and they seem to like it well enuff. Good Luck.

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