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Upper edge set
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Author:  deerhunter65347 [ 25 Dec 2006, 01:10 ]
Post subject:  Upper edge set

The diagram is a little blurry but here goes. This set works great for mink muskrats and coon. Find a bend in your creek that has a steep side. Then place your 2 bank sticks into the bank just below the water level. Leaving just enough room for the trap to be placed on. using a rock or weight to anchor trap to bottom. No lure needed when mink or muskrat swim along the edge they will climb on trap. Then trap fires and drops thru sticks causing the trap and animal to sink to bottom. For coon just put a little scent next to bank. They will do the rest. This was how i caught most of my mink before i started using the 110's. But i still use it now in lakes with steep banks where i know they have to swim along edge instead of walking. This set is killer. It is really good were there is running water. This way it is freeze proof. :)

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