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Missing to many Beaver
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Author:  crittergitter69 [ 21 Dec 2006, 16:52 ]
Post subject:  Missing to many Beaver

Hey fellow trappers,
I'm new to your forum here and this seems to be the place to find some help to my problems.
this is my first year trapping beaver and back into trapping after many years away from it, anyways I'm trapping this creek for a farmer to rid it of some beaver and have caught 2 so far (3 days) in # 330's but all my #3 Vics w/os are getting sprung but no hits. None have even been moved down the cable. They are set about 18-20" back and offset about 4" all but one are on slides the other is on a castor mound I made w/castor.
So what am I doing wrong here? Any thoughts would be great!


06-07 Catch



Author:  deerhunter65347 [ 21 Dec 2006, 17:56 ]
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whats your pan tension set for you could be getting hit by by muskrats. if pan tension is ok. it could be belly hits. try steping sticks. Or if your on a steep slope you could have dirt clauds falling of to and setting them off. Just a few examples.

Author:  mike foreman [ 21 Dec 2006, 23:56 ]
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Could be like me, I didn't have the traps oriented properly for the
beavers foot, they were tripping them & throwing thi9er foot off the trap.

Author:  deerhunter65347 [ 22 Dec 2006, 00:04 ]
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mike did you get that beaver yet

Author:  mike foreman [ 22 Dec 2006, 20:15 ]
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Well Trapperkd the weather here went south, got 2" rain the creeks that
normally have 2ft of water are bank full 12-16 ft of wet stuff, so I'm dun for a week at least, trapping coons in an abandon house-1cat 2skunks &
3 coons, the coons have slowed down last couple morn. just skunks.
But I was asked to try to trap beavers in another ditch, farmer planted
hard woods in the low ground around the creek & quess what's happening.
yep lots of very short trees 12-16 inches, not much market for stumps.

Author:  smittystrapmods [ 22 Dec 2006, 22:56 ]
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A #3 won't work well for a backfoot catch, and if a beaver is plowing-up mud for the mud-pie set, he'll plow your trap right over.

Set for a front foot, or get some #5's.......


Author:  crittergitter69 [ 23 Dec 2006, 19:11 ]
Post subject: 


Thanks for the reply!
I see that your from central Indiana, Hamilton Co. here.
How do you set for a front foot catch? With all this rain it may be awhile before I can reset for the front foot :( .
I'm trapping these out for a farmer and need to get them all. There are 5 dams, 25-30 slides and 2 (looks like) feed piles. I've located 3 bank dens so far, the creek is 3'-4' deep and the narrowest channel is 8'. I have 6 #3 cs w/os on slide cables weighed down w/cinder blocks (also if needed 10 #3 mod for yotes) and 5 #330's so far to put on these beaver (when/if the water goes down). I took a 45lb/day one and a 25lb/day two,( same trap/slide) out off the three days before the rain rolled in on us. All my # 3's where tripped each day :? , so I bought more 330's (total 6 now).
With this info how would you start on these tree cuttin, corn crunchin, field floodin little (big) rascals?


Author:  smittystrapmods [ 23 Dec 2006, 20:18 ]
Post subject: 

I'm in southern Madison Co., so we're pretty close.You attend any of the Conventions or ISTA get togethers? lol, we may have met & not even known it.

lol, I'll start-out by saying I don't trap many beaver, I hate skinnin' the dang things :roll:

Sounds like you may be dealing with several beaver. You need him to drop his front foot if he's swimming & carrying debris. Obviously you'll need the trap closer to shore, and having a couple sticks poked into the bottom & angled towards the incoming beaver may do the trick when they hit him in the chest.

Have they made any castor mounds that you've seen? Do you see any cross-overs on the dams? Have you tried any dam-break sets?

How far are you from Pendleton? I have a video I'd loan you that could provide you alot more info than I could.


Author:  crittergitter69 [ 23 Dec 2006, 21:32 ]
Post subject: 


I live right out side of Noblesville, so no thats not that far.
I here what your saying on skinning and fleshing those beaver I got my first taste of it the other night (what a mess) luckly I had a DVD called "Fur Handling" that guided me though the grease. I fleshed them out and put them in the freezer till I get a board and the measurements (circles/rings), ect. I'd like to learn how to put up everything right, I've started putting all my fur their till I find out how my buyer wants them done up (new buyer), I'm also waiting on my mink boards to get here (got 2-m 1-f in the freeze) all I have now is wire and would like to learn to do it right so one day maybe take them to auction myself.
Anyways, as far as the castor mounds go yes their making them, it seems like more now after I put one out there, you can even smell them now. On the crossover, do you mean where the water flows over? If so then yes, if you mean a visible trail then no.
The deal with stick makes since, how far out from breasting do you think the pan should? I would feel alot better with a front foot catch in 3' of water but wasn't to sure on how to go about it. Everyone is always saying go for the back foot 18" out 4" offset. but thats just not working
with these little #3's and the wife don't get why I've got to have so many different traps :lol: ($1,800.00 into it SO FAR) :lol: :lol:
When is the next Conference? Where? I've lived up here going on three years now and just now starting to get the lay of the land, (From southern Indiana, Daviess Co.).


Author:  smittystrapmods [ 24 Dec 2006, 08:01 ]
Post subject: 

You live right about smack in between me & Lonnie Phillips (ISTA Prez) who lives in Sheridan. Let me know if you're interested in borrowing the video. Are you a member of the ISTA? Here's a link:
http://www.indianatrappers.org We have a 2nd Fur Auction coming-up in a few weeks in Peru. The Conventions are all prior to the beginning of season.

If you're freezing your raw fur, I'd not flesh it until "after" it was removed from the freezer. The fat will help protect it from freezer-burn.

As far trap placement, picture the beaver dropping its front feet after hitting the sticks. Catching them by the backfoot is the prefered method, but requires a larger trap. I believe I'd read your traps are set-up on drowner cables. Beaver can twist-out with a front-foot hold, so be sure they are on drowners.

Here's a link to the Indiana Trapper Talk forum as well.


Author:  crittergitter69 [ 24 Dec 2006, 10:10 ]
Post subject: 

I wasn't a member till a few minutes ago ,I got a question though, I clicked membership- membership w/magazine- went to pay-pal-payed -and it sent me back to sight....They don't need any info just my address from my pay-pal account? There was no application that I saw for online the one I seen was for mail in, do I need to print and mail it?

The fur in the freezer has been in there no later then the 18-20th,Dec.
3 mink (no board to flesh on YET!) 3 nice coons, 2 beaver these are fleshed. I was gong to pull them out after a visit up to Kempton (you know him?) this week (while on vacation) where a buyer is located to make sure my other fur is put up right, If not get some tips on the do's and don'ts. You don't think they got burnt that soon do ya?

Hey I'd like to check that video out some time, always up for learning. I've got a dvd called "Practical Fur Handling" and a video called "Professional Coyote Trapping" by FFG if your interested.
When is that auction ,Where? I like to go and check that out and do some learning.


Author:  smittystrapmods [ 24 Dec 2006, 13:52 ]
Post subject: 

Here's Lonnies Email: lonphil1@hotmail.com Contact him & I'm sure he can answer your questions about your membership. I can however thank you for joining!

I'm sure your frozen fur is fine, I only mentioned it for longer time periods. Anytime you want to borrow the Video, send me a PM & we can arrange to meet-up somewhere. It's the Dobbins video Beaver Sites & Sets. There are dates & locations on the ISTA site (where you joined) that will give you dates & locations. Hope you're able to make it to the next sale.


Author:  deerhunter65347 [ 24 Dec 2006, 17:31 ]
Post subject: 

Try this diagram out see if it doesnt explain it for the front foot catch.

Author:  crittergitter69 [ 24 Dec 2006, 18:06 ]
Post subject: 

Thanks Deerhunter I'll give that a try once the water gets back to where I can, we've had about 3 days of rain and every thing is a mess :x and on my vacation too. I was planning on putting everything I've got out and setting a new area also but I can't even get the 4 wheeler back in there with out tearing everything up :( .
By the way nice picture :)


Author:  deerhunter65347 [ 25 Dec 2006, 01:20 ]
Post subject: 

Let me know how you do with it. ive done very well with it.

Author:  crittergitter69 [ 28 Dec 2006, 16:11 ]
Post subject: 

Well the water finally went down enough for me to get to two of my # 3 sets and I set them up like you described in the pic. I did score a nice beaver ( 52lbs) in one of my 330's.
I'll let you know how I do on the other sets.


Author:  deerhunter65347 [ 28 Dec 2006, 17:48 ]
Post subject: 

Thanks for the reply let me know how you do.

Author:  wcollinge2000 [ 01 Jan 2007, 21:28 ]
Post subject: 

figure that a beaver swims when his chest hits he will put his front foot down thats where you come into play you just have to have a trap where he puts his foot down and you will have him sounds like you have alot of beaver to catch with two feed piles 5 dams and the size of the catch could be three or four generations of them a couple of days ago I caught an 80 lb female I barely push the stakes in for 330 and they were both snapped in half she must have spun very violently pulled out the stake that would have held on a 50 lb one I carry magnets lucky me and retreaved the trap and the beaver in 8 feet of murkey water took an hour .

Author:  warcraft1975 [ 02 Jan 2007, 14:37 ]
Post subject: 

i fi cant get them with a leghold its time to bust out the snares on them set them up where they are coming on to land and where they are making trails to cut trees down should work for ya

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