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need help making trapping plan for 7 day mountain trip
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Author:  scotty starr [ 17 Dec 2006, 01:06 ]
Post subject:  need help making trapping plan for 7 day mountain trip

OK, I live in alaska and am going caribou hunting into the mountains for aat least 7 maybe 10 days...i am new to trapping, i have gotten some hogs in texxas..but here in Ak i have gotten 3 fox...

soooo, i did not order any scent, etc...all i have is fish, fox carcass...and some bacon grease, which, do you think that would draw anyting in?

sooo, the basics i want to ask is....how do i maximize my limit time...for lynx, wolverine, wolf....should i use some white tampons/paper towls/ or white bird wings to hang from a tree to attrack attention?....will teh fox carcasses/glands i have help me out with these three animals?.....bacon grease????

and sets...i have some 330's, 220's, #4's, fox and wolf snares....i have set cubby hole #1.5 and #4 LS's under overturned stumps and this has worked with fox....and i use paperwax to keep them from freezing....but, will this wokr on these three animals...i have some bucket sets with 330and 220's...

Oh, one more question...alot of it out here is open tundra with willows...so, setting snares wtih trees that are solid is tough, especially for wolf/wolverine...drag lots are easier to find and haul it..so, how is the best way to set a wolf snare in a hole that is baited?....or in the side of a hill/stream?????

anyway, i need a game plan for bait, sets, etc to maximize my limited time there.....oh, and hopefully i will have caribou guts as bait!!!!!

thanks for any help..

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