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Special sets/scent posts?
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Author:  Zeek [ 15 Dec 2006, 12:43 ]
Post subject:  Special sets/scent posts?

I finally get to start setting for canines on Saturday. I have three weeks before i have to come back to school. Do any of you have any special sets you would not mind sharing? I am going after fox and coyotes. I have not caught a coyote yet and would really like to! Have far away do you set your trap for a scent post for fox/coyote? I know coyote will be farther away than fox? Any information would be greatly appreciated. I mainly use dirt-holes but would like some more sets in my arsenal.

Author:  wildWV [ 15 Dec 2006, 14:02 ]
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Zeek If you have not done so yet go to Trapperman .com and search the archives for this set Asa Lennon just had a great thread on the urine post set.Hey where are you from in Pa.I live in Wv.but can be in Pa in about 20 minutes or so.Good luck for the next couple of weeks

Author:  deerhunter65347 [ 15 Dec 2006, 15:27 ]
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If you have some wide open country, preferable grass land. You can take a piece of log and set it out in the middle of all that space. Then take 3 No 3 traps and set them about 2ft apart around the log. Then take a small amout of gland lure and put it on log. If you can find some dog crap. Id put it next to log as a visual attractent. Be patient and this will catch em. Fox or yotes. Now fox like depressions if you have rolling hills put set between to hills. Let me know how you do with it. Its how i catch fox and yotes in missouri.

Author:  Zeek [ 17 Dec 2006, 22:53 ]
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Thanks wildWV for the info. I live about an hour north of pittsburgh.
I do not have much open ground to set like you mentioned deerhunter65347 but thanks for the info. If i do find a place to use it i am going to try it.

Author:  warcraft1975 [ 18 Dec 2006, 01:24 ]
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just a side note, but should you be trapping on a farm or something and should you have snow on the ground look for alot of tracks around an object if you find such a thing the coyotes are more than likely useing it as a marker and would a fine and dandy spot to set. also on farms and private places i look for things that have been there for a long time but stand out it could be anything but if it cacthes your eye chances are good it gets there's also. just the other day i cought a coyote on a dirthole set that i placed right next to an old oil filter that was laying in the feild rusting away has been there for years but it stood out for the rest of the place, i do the same thing with an old bottle i found out there so you see all kinds of stuff would work it just needs to be able to cacth there eye

Author:  deerhunter65347 [ 18 Dec 2006, 04:56 ]
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i couldnt have said that any better thanks. LOL

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