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Trap Modifications and Preparations
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Author:  Lil Bit [ 03 Sep 2006, 12:50 ]
Post subject:  Trap Modifications and Preparations

Is there anything better than sitting down with a warm mug of french vanilla coffee, some tools, your trapping partner next to you, doing a few modifications on your traps?

Right now, I'm swapping out some springs, and 4 coiling a few of my traps. John is testing the pan tension and adjusting it appropriately next t me. It's cool and drizzly outside. What a beautiful day to be a trapper. :)

Author:  derek14 [ 03 Sep 2006, 14:06 ]
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thats what its all comes down to :D :D

Author:  mink1574 [ 03 Sep 2006, 22:21 ]
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:D lil bit sounds good to me, I been lookin for a partner for the season,had acouple guys lined up early ,didnt work out tho. they hunt also . I just trap& hit it hard as time allows me to,they talk good but really are just hobby guys LOL oh well only have 2 weeks anyway this year to trap,soI'll just go as usual ,by myself. hope yall do good ,get well see yaBrian

Author:  Lil Bit [ 03 Sep 2006, 22:40 ]
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If I could walk, I'd help ya Mink. *LOL* But right now, can't even do that. Teehee.

Author:  mink1574 [ 03 Sep 2006, 22:50 ]
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yeah I know ya cant,I wasnt fishing neither,ya got a good partner. lol I'll find 1 one these days tho. my brother is laid off,but he doesnt like to trap.What Id really like to find is a skinner,that way I could really hammer it hard,14 hours a day. try to limit to 8,then skin for 5,6hrs. man I cant even think how much that would add to my catch.

Author:  Lil Bit [ 03 Sep 2006, 23:17 ]
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I'm lucky. I've got two GREAT boys within 30 minutes from here in Winchendon MA that have offered to do my skinning this year. They're really good kids. Maybe you ought to hit up the trappers-education courses looking for kids or people who want to learn how to skin and what not, and cut their teeth. Sure, the hides might not be perfect, but it'd let them get some experience and it'd give you a bit of a break.

Author:  mink1574 [ 03 Sep 2006, 23:30 ]
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I tried a couple ,not to reliable,they rather play video games &such.Plus I live 20 miles from anywhere,Iprefer it that way,not to many youngsters around . thanks for the suggestion though.

Author:  TrapperKD [ 03 Sep 2006, 23:37 ]
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Lil Bit- That sounds great, it sounds like you've found a great partner. It's awesome when there are things like that that you can enjoy doing together.

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