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dog proof bucket sets
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Author:  moparmanpete [ 18 Feb 2008, 18:16 ]
Post subject:  dog proof bucket sets

Has any one used dogproof bucket sets? Ie. 220 in a five gallon bucket with the lid attatched with a 6in hole in it. I was wondering how i could go about using them here in ohio. Someone told me I could put it 3ft off the ground and it would be legal but I'm not sure. Our on land max spread is 5in.
Can anyone help

Author:  illtrapper2 [ 18 Feb 2008, 22:48 ]
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Pete, you could try useing 120 coni in a cubbie set or in trail sets. I suggest moveing the trigger all the way to one side of the trap to allow the coon to get its head in the trap. Coons will stick thier leg in the hole to get at the bait especially if they can see the it, with the trigger off set to the side it will be a little harder for them to set the trap off with thier leg. If you try these traps make sure you upgrade the chain and add swivals.

Author:  moparmanpete [ 19 Feb 2008, 08:49 ]
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Ok, thank you
I'll give it a shot

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