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Posting Published Material Quandry
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Author:  LeoXamine [ 26 Dec 2007, 22:18 ]
Post subject:  Posting Published Material Quandry

I'm feeling in a bit of bind about discussing material already published in trapping books. Most of what I know about trapping I've gathered from books and articles in Fur Fish & Game, and I'm not sure how to both praise and criticize methods without revealing their secrets and, thus, taking away their bread & butter so to speak.
For example, S. Stanley Hawbaker, in Trapping North American Furbearers, gives an awesome recipie for red fox gland lure. Whereas I would never reprint it I still would like to discuss methods or problems in making it, yet it seems impossible to do so without revealing the ingredients, proportions, methods, etc.
Even trapping philosophies (of course each trapper has his or her own) as expressed by, say, Hawbaker or Russ Carmen, involve discussing material that would seem proprietary.
Anyways, mabe there isn't an answer but perhaps some of you have some ideas on this subject.

Author:  mjm76 [ 27 Dec 2007, 02:58 ]
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I can see your quandry and here is my own opinion on it. I don't mind discussing philosophies, sets, lures, etc. with folks on here or anywhere because I'm not directly competing with them. The only thing when I get down in to my creeks is me vs. critter. Everywhere I trap is private and I am the sole trapper, so I don't worry about competing, I know thats not the case for everyone. I figure if there is something that has helped me catch a critter or I have observed that might help somebody across the county or three states away, well good to spread the knowledge and build a network. Thats my take.

Author:  swartz1972 [ 27 Dec 2007, 07:28 ]
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i agree its rude but we are not competing and as you and i have read s. stanley the trappers dad has published his sets and secrets 4 all to read but some younguns might never read these and i feel if it helps a younger trapper catch the 3 legger it might keep him hooked . i figure i wasnt a selftaught trapper so the legacy i can leave to others is a direct memorial to the fellow that influenced me or to s. stanley or others yes in direct contact with your locals it would be bad practice but here were all scattered somewhat so i feel its ok if you are ok with discussing it yourself.
each person is entitled to their own beliefs or views its what makes you ,YOU.

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