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fur recovery FAIL!!
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Author:  NonPCfed [ 20 Nov 2017, 22:27 ]
Post subject:  fur recovery FAIL!!

I’ve mentioned my friend “Stinkbait” and his country place before. The location started off as a farmstead with a very nice backwards “L” planted shelterbelt of some of the best hardwood trees I’ve seen around here. The farm stopped being a farm a good amount of time ago and sometime after the area inside of the backwards L became 3 separate rural residences. SB has the bottom portion of the backwards L (about 5 acres), an older lady he doesn’t get along owns the middle piece, and an older gent owned the last parcel. SB and the older guy got along. In the very back of the older guy’s land, outside of the trees themselves but before the open crop field of the surrounding farmer, “Al” had an old pull along threshing machine. I’m going to guess that this thresher was made around WWI or perhaps the 1920s but probably not much newer than that. It is made out of good quality steel. I had my first coon double next to the old thresher the first year I trapped Stinkbait’s place.

SB likes to collect “junk”, some of it to eventually salvage for coin but some just to have for his own amusement. For whatever reason, he wanted the old thresher. Good old Al recently passed away and after a couple of weeks SB hooks his pickup to the thresher and pulls it to his parcel. This thing probably hasn’t moved in decades and it was actually amazing that it did breakdown in the 250 or so yards drag across uneven ground but SB got into his “road” area that cuts through his trees. Well, if you’re a coon having a nice nap in the thresher, you can imagine the move being a little upsetting. Stinkbait hears critters moving around in the old machine, heads into his house to get his .22, comes back and starts popping off inside the machine—lucky he didn’t get hit by a ricochet!!
After a while he texts me, “hey I got 4 coons for you, a couple of nice ones, you going to come get them?” Well, heading off to his place at 8pm after a full day wasn’t in my plans so I told him to see if he can get them out and I’ll pick them up after work on Monday. Keep them in a shady place and the dead coons will be fine.

We talk this morning before we go to our jobs and he tells me that the numbers have changed now to 2 coon KIA, of which one is a dink, and he can’t get the big one out of the thresher. I told him we can try tonight and I’ll be over after 6pm right from work. I told him I’ll bring my catch pole and we’ll see if we can lasso the masked bandit. The picture in my head is that coon is down at the bottom of the machine and SB can’t reach or fit down close enough to grab it. For reasons still unknown to me, SB wasn’t at his place when I arrive a little after 6, although he tells me he’ll be back in about “20 minutes”. So, I head back to the thresher and look around for the lost prize. Well, it wasn’t at the bottom of the old machine where the catch pole would have made short work of getting it but at the very bottom of the “paddle wheel” at the bottom of the thresher. The big boar is laid out flat into one side of it with his butt end towards me (not much time used up that it wasn’t going to come out that way) with its front paws gripping some rod that was above it.

And it is a nice sized coon, probably north of 20 pounds, laid out in all of its yard long glory. The spaces between the “paddles” are an odd trapezoid shape that are probably a good 5x5 inches at the widest. My belief is that if I can get the coon’s head through the opening enough, I can get the catch pole loop around it and Hulk Hogan the body through the rest of the hole. The problem is that I can’t get ahold enough of the head and lift the body the same time to accomplish that task. I try using a piece of a 2x4, then a small tree branch, and then a 2x2 piece that I found in SB’s various piles of stuff to leverage the coon but still not enough. I have semi-good heavier gloves on and I’m not totally committed to grab the full bloody muzzle to try to get enough of the coon forward of the opening. I’m not sure if that would have even worked as 99% of the weight is still behind and underneath that point and I can’t get my other hand in and underneath the critter to lift it up. It’s a game of inches (or is it centimeters?) and it’s not going my way. It’s not helping that I’m hold my light in my mouth, although I don’t think a hands free head light is going to help given the angles I have to work with within the space I’m given.

After about nearly 40 minutes dinking around and still no Stinkbait insight, I admit defeat and head for supper. I left my catch pole and maybe SB and his friend can figure it out, although no call or text has come so far so I’m betting they didn’t try. SB is talking about cutting a hole through the bottom of the thresher but 1) its pretty heavy steel, 2) it would take away value from the old machine if he wanted to sell it down the road, and 3) they’ll probably burn the coon’s fur using a cutting torch. A cold front is coming in tonight and tomorrow’s high is supposed to be below freezing so good chance this thing freezes solid before any recovery is fully effected. And it certainly won’t “slide” through the sides of the “paddles” if it’s frozen.

Who knows, maybe that coon will stay in there until spring and the return of the bugs! So it goes…

Author:  wolf1199 [ 24 Nov 2017, 19:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: fur recovery FAIL!!

come north. If they don't move they freeze to death. Problem solved

Author:  doc9013 [ 25 Nov 2017, 23:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: fur recovery FAIL!!

Don't destroy that old thresher for a coon. It's worth way more than a coon hide, no matter how old it is.

Author:  NonPCfed [ 27 Nov 2017, 21:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: fur recovery FAIL!!

Well, doc, rest easy. Stinkbait got freaked out not having documentation that his old neighbor "willed" the thresher to him that he pulled it back to the other property intact where it now sits again in its rusty glory. Dead coon inside a bonus for the new owner when, and if, anyone ever shows up to claim the machine. It might be stinky for a while next spring or even this week.

Author:  Amak [ 28 Nov 2017, 08:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: fur recovery FAIL!!

I don't think I've ever heard of such a thing quite like this. I think we can all make mistakes over a quick decision...but in a hunters/furharvesters mentality, recovery is normally thought out before the trigger is pulled. With the non sporting crowd, they aren't going to always think of that first. Live and learn.

Author:  Chieftain [ 28 Nov 2017, 15:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: fur recovery FAIL!!

Amak wrote:
Live and learn.

lesson not soon forgotten.

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