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Trap selection for a beginning trapper?
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Author:  TrapperKD [ 10 Oct 2006, 15:02 ]
Post subject:  Trap selection for a beginning trapper?

greenhorn wrote:
Hey as you just read i am just starting out. do you have any sugestions on traps and other equipment to get me started
I am going to be a full time student soon and can only run a small line. I was thinking like 6 to 10 traps. what is your advice?

Howdy. Welcome to the forums. Trap selection depends on the animals you want to trap. If you are going after mink and/or muskrat you can get by with a few 110 bodygrippers and #1 or #1-1/2 longsprings with a jaw spread in the four to five inch range.

For beavers you need something much bigger, 330 bodygrippers and #4 or #5 double longsprings, something with some holding power and a jaw spread anywhere from six to eight inches.

What animals are you planning on targeting this year?

Author:  greenhorn [ 10 Oct 2006, 15:07 ]
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Mostly I think it will be fox, coyotes, coons and maybe bobcats. I have a few old footholds that were my grandads, I dont know what size they are and they are rusted pretty good. No one has used them and they have been in the barn for a long time. I was planing on sanding them and then i was going to paint them after this season. I know that now it is a little late to do that so I was just goin to go with what i got.

Author:  Lil Bit [ 10 Oct 2006, 18:09 ]
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Have you attended a trappers education course yet? They're invaluable, and you'll learn everything from trap preparation, to legal methods in your state, and fur handling too!

Author:  greenhorn [ 10 Oct 2006, 19:19 ]
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I plan on attending a seminar on October 20 and 21 put on by the TTFHA or it might be the NTA i am not totally sure. I also am in the process of contacting out county agen on the issue. But any advice or knowlage would be helpful goin into these activities.

Author:  Lil Bit [ 10 Oct 2006, 22:47 ]
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Insted of trying to contact your county agent, contact:

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

With regards to Trappers Education courses held in your area.

Also, at the trappers thing you're attending, ask for information on how to join your state association. They can hook you up with a mentor, or someone familiar with your geographic location, and what traps and techniques would be best utilized in the general area. :)

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