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 Post subject: PA Fur Prices in 1979-80
PostPosted: 14 Apr 2016, 17:59 
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All previous records for returns on Pennsylvania furs were broken during the 1979-80 marketing year, according to final figures compiled by the Game Commission. During the year licensed raw fur dealers purchased 815,087 pelts taken by state trappers and hunters. $11,340,544 was an all time record.

Dealers bought-
291,496 Raccoons for $6,116,305, an average of $20.98 per pelt.
323,579 Muskrats, which brought a total of $2,014,924 an overage of $6.23 each.
26,098 Red Foxes bought in the state returned $1,212,413 for an average of $46.46 per pelt.
28,525 Gray Foxes for $1,146,533 for an average of $40.19 per pelt.
121,934 Opossums for $494,850 an average of $4.06 per pelt.
5,883 Beavers which sold for $213,543 and average of $36.30 per pelt.
5,734 Minks for $112,559 an average of $19.63 per pelt.
10,783 Skunks purchased for $26,944 an overage of $2.50 per skin.
1,055 Weasels which returned $2,473, or $2.34 each.

These figures only represented furs harvested in Pennsylvania by hunters and trappers and bought by Pennsylvania licensed raw fur dealers.
Furs shipped or transported out of state by the trapper and/or hunter or held for his or her own use are not included in the tabulations.
*This information was taken from Pennsylvania Game News magazine dated January 1984.

This was posted on another site but just had to share.

I looked up the dollar comparison from 1979 to 2016. $1.00 in 1979 = $3.49 in 2016. So, if fur prices stayed at the current rate of inflation this what today's fur prices would be. 

Raccoon $76.71
Muskrat $21.74
Red Fox $162.15
Gray Fox $140.26
Opossum $14.17
Beaver $126.69
Mink. $68.72
Skunks. $8.72
Weasels $8.17


PostPosted: 15 Apr 2016, 16:42 
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Professional Trapper
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Interesting stuff tRick!! Obviosuly fur was riding an enormous bubble at that time and probably way over valued.

So it if takes a 3.49x of 1979 $$ to equal the inflated currency of 2016, can we go in reverse? Can we take what we got in this year's sales and divide by 3.49??

My 22 out of 26 coon that sold at the last NAFA sale went for a $6.35 acverage. So divide that by 3.49 and we get $1.82 in value in 1979 dollars. My 2 rats 2.25/3.39= 64 cents a piece in 1979, a $13 beaver would be $3.72 and a $10 red fox would be $2.86., etc. etc.

I worked on a bridge construction crew during the summer in 1982 and 1983 and started out at $5.90 an hour which I thought wasn't too bad. If a guy was good (not me) could he do 3.5 coons an hour all the way from skinning to put on on a board looking fine? Probably so for a lot of guys. Obviously the hyper-inflated fur of the late 1979/80 would have been better but interest rates on loans were also pushing 20% at the time. So if you happened to be lucky to make hay during those days, you made bank. If you did it year to year, bubbles go away, crashes happen, and overall averages emerge.

A toast to the next fur bubble, may you be riding when (and if) it happens!!

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