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Traps for a Coyotes and urban dogs ...
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Author:  Sid Post [ 20 Apr 2016, 17:03 ]
Post subject:  Traps for a Coyotes and urban dogs ...

I am about as new to traps as one can get so, pardon my ignorance ;)

I have some Geese that roam freely so, I am concerned about potentially injuring one of them but, otherwise everything is fair fame and I will mark my trap locations in case someone is trespassing on my property. I am 1,000 feet from the road so, I am pretty isolated from random foot traffic but, the neighbors kids occasionally come over to my front pond (away from the trapping areas) to fish off the dock and play around the water.

Last year I lost literally hundreds of chickens, about 50 ducks, and some other fowl. I have been shooting every dog and coyote I can but, the dumb ones are all dead. I am down to trapping the egg stealing chicken killing vermin and dispatching them.

Is my best option to dig dirt holes for traps around the perimeter of my chicken coops and nighttime fowl enclosures? I am thinking about foot catches.

Are the Minnesota Brand MB 550-RC 4-coil offsets the best, or better, trap to choose? I want a trap that works without a lot of tinkering as I am stretched a bit thin to spend time tinker with a cheaper trap to get it to work. I assume I could adjust the tension to prevent a triggering with the weight of a goose (unlikely based on location) but, preserve the ability to get dogs and coyotes. Is a Bridger #2 or #3 a better or equivalent choice? Am I over thinking offset or laminate jaws with one of these? I think I want 4 coil no matter what and I am not concerned about breaking a leg as long as they can't run off or won't chew their own leg off.

This is about economics around predation not fur or anything else so, any and all advice is appreciated.


Author:  trapperrick [ 21 Apr 2016, 17:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: Traps for a Coyotes and urban dogs ...

Welcome to WAT Sid!

You can't go wrong with Minnesota Brand traps. They are about the best out there. Yes, other traps are cheaper and other traps have caught plenty of coyotes but the MB 550's are hard to beat.

Just be sure you are real selective when setting these traps. You mentioned about geese, ducks and chickens. If you set in an area that they frequent as well as pets you will spend more time releasing non targets then actually catching coyotes. Dirt holes work great and are great eye catchers but if you're worried about non-targets I would say a flat set with lure would work great.

Try to find where the coyotes enter the area from and set there. Although, after a catch or two, it doesn't take long for the coyotes to wise up and avoid the spot.

Author:  Sid Post [ 21 Apr 2016, 20:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Traps for a Coyotes and urban dogs ...

Thanks Rick!

Author:  Sac Creek [ 25 Apr 2016, 14:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Traps for a Coyotes and urban dogs ...

The MB-550 will serve you well. There is not much pan tension adjustment on the 550 unless they have changed them in the last year or so. The 4 coiled version will be fairly heavy pan tension out of the box, which is good if you have poultry running around. If you have fox you may want to go with the 2 coiled version due to these traps will have a lighter pan tension.

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