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You never know.
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Author:  trappintime [ 23 Jan 2016, 23:18 ]
Post subject:  You never know.

My boy Bobby was going up to our local fur buyer with a buddy to sell some coyotes. Buddy never skinned his and got $50 for a huge dog I woulda guessed would bring $150+ at auction. Bob sold two skinned but not stretched[and poorly skinned if I may add] for $40 a piece. Then Bobby hands me $60 :shock: . What the hey is that for I asked. Bod asked if I hadn't dropped off a couple coyotes for Kim some time back. I'd forgot as the 2 were not worth skinning and I had dropped them off at a friends place for Kim to pick up as a joke. Even the Hutterites wouldn't take them 2.

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