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Tracking coyotes in snow
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Author:  CoonGitter [ 14 Jan 2016, 13:37 ]
Post subject:  Tracking coyotes in snow

For those of you that have tracked coyotes through the snow for a long ways, what did u learn? What habits of the coyote did u pick up on that seemed consistent from animal to animal? Example...did they circle downwind of a bait pile (I have seen this), do they always take the easy route through the woods or were they all over the place? When hunting though their territory do they always take the SAME path every time? (Good for blind sets). How much of a creature of habit are they?

Author:  trapperrick [ 16 Jan 2016, 07:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tracking coyotes in snow

I've done this several times while trapping or hunting. Coyotes really seem to love old logging roads. The timber activity in my area has really increased over the last couple of years thanks to higher timber prices. In areas where logging activity is ongoing, coyotes seem to avoid the area but once the loggers leave the area will see more fox and coyote movement.

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