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Late season yotes
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Author:  jermbonoutdoors [ 14 Jan 2016, 07:22 ]
Post subject:  Late season yotes

Can any of you canine trappers out there give me some tips on trapping late season coyotes. I have dirt hole sets in well traveled areas but whenever the coyotes come through they walk right past my sets without any hesitation. I know they probably have other things on their mind right now but they still need to eat. It's been very cold the past couple weeks and I figured they would check my sets out but they show no interest. Would a scent post work better? I have some snares out but most of the time they travel through the big fields and I cant really snare out there. Any thoughts guys? I have one yote under my belt and I thought that would satisfy me until next year but all I can think about is canine trapping now. I found me another fox also and I set some snares for him. How often do they use a certain trail? Is it every night or are they on a cycle like coyotes?

Author:  CoonGitter [ 14 Jan 2016, 13:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Late season yotes

From what I have read, dirt holes are more of an early season thing but will work all season. The best tactic right now would be a flat set with a good gland lure because it's breeding season. A scent/ urine post may work good

Author:  Westside [ 14 Jan 2016, 18:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Late season yotes

Not sure what state you are in or if you have snow. ....but if you do have snow find out where they are entering and exiting these fields and place some snares. Snaring is great this time of year with everything frozen and snow covered.

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