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 Post subject: snaring
PostPosted: 02 Dec 2007, 18:51 

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ok i got some questions here, first im not having alot of luck with foot traps so was wondering, does the diameter of the cable real important and all that for snaring, and also, if i try to snare fox or coon, how high off the ground does it have to be and how big of circle does it need to be.
where are some good spots to snare fox to, i have a few places in mind, but there might be coon traveling that area to.
the snares im looking at are MBS snares, but they are different by number, not diameter, it goes from 1 to 7, kind of like traps, there are #1, #2,#3...size MBS snares.also what kind of stuff do i want on them, i see there are deer stops, swivels, i was wondering if you could just use wire to support the snare up in the air to.

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PostPosted: 02 Dec 2007, 20:57 

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Get hold of this guy.....john Graham....of fur country lures and amberg snares....406-557-6167...he will let you in on some excellent snaring info for snaring fox.....
good luck
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PostPosted: 02 Dec 2007, 22:22 
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Maybe this will help. I found it the other day when i had the same questions. Good luck.


Snares usually are set in the form of a round or oval loop. A round loop that is 12 inches in diameter can form an oval loop that is about 14 inches high and 10 inches wide. The following round loop diameters and heights above ground are recommended when snaring furbearers (Table 1).

A 5/64- or 3/32-inch diameter galvanized aircraft cable is recommended for snaring coyotes, beaver, and raccoons. Foxes and bobcats can be captured in 1/16- to 3/32-inch-diameter snares.

Table 1.
Furbearer| Type of set| Round loop diameter (inches)| Height of bottom of loop above ground (inches)|
Coyote Trail 9-12 10-12
Coyote Under Fence 7-10 2
Coyote Leg Snare 8-11 4
Fox Trail 8-10 6-9
Fox Leg Snare 8-11 4
Bobcat Trail 8-10 6-8
Raccoon Trail 8-10 3-5
Beaver Den, underwater 8-11 Cover bottom of loop slightly
Beaver Dryland Trail 8-11 2-4
Beaver Slide in water 8-11 Set bottom of loop 2 inches below water

Where to Set Snares:
Animals usually follow the easiest route through heavy cover. These routes, which generally consist of trails, are excellent locations to snare furbearers. Specific locations to set snares for individual species follow.

* Trails to uplands--place in water or on land along the route.
* Trails over dams--set on top or bottom side of water.
* Narrow creek passages.
* Den entrances: Construct a 2- to 3-inch high mound with mud and apply beaver castor. Make a V-shaped fence by placing old branches vertically in the mud. The center of the V should be open. The V should point toward the mound and be located about 1 foot from the mound. Place the snare in the opening with the bottom of the snare about 2 inches below the water.
* Under ice at lodges and food caches.

Coyotes and Red Foxes:
* Trails leading to a carcass, bone pile, or pond.
* Trails in the bottom of ravines.
* Trails under fences.
* Trails into thickets.
* Livestock trails in vacant pastures.
* Narrow paths inside weeds or brush.
* Trails can be created by driving down weeds or stubble with a pickup or by walking in snow.

* Culvert -- place lure inside.
* Under bridges.
* Holes under old buildings.
* Along river banks next to water.
* Along top of high banks next to a river.
* Trail along the top of beaver dams -- keep snare up to avoid beaver.
* Avoid setting under fences and near trees and brush because raccoons can become entangled.

Marten - 6
Fox - 1

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PostPosted: 02 Dec 2007, 22:45 
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Thank YP. I didn't start the post, but I have thought about getting into snaring if it's legal above ground in TN. This will help alot.

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