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How do you know when to set traps.
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Author:  1Butch [ 02 Nov 2015, 11:02 ]
Post subject:  How do you know when to set traps.

How do you know when to set traps. Is there a certain temp to go by, or weather etc.

Author:  Amak [ 02 Nov 2015, 11:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: How do you know when to set traps.

Lol! Tough question! There are a number of variables that enter into it making it a complex question to break down in a specific answer. The "general" reply would be, when the pelts are closely approaching prime or are prime. Generally its a regional time slot. Here in Kansas, beavers arent much count until Feb-March, Where as in Ontario, Wolfs are good in October if I remember right. Our Texas comrades pretty consistently find pelts at their best around mid to late December. Species is also a consideration. Red fox prime first here, then raccoons soon after. Then coyotes, muskrats, bobcats, oppossum, skunk, badger, otter, and beaver...in that order through out the season. Best thing to do is talk to a local fur handler, trapper or dealer, and see when the best time frame is. Otherwise your choice is to take an animal and examine its leather and coat for signs of primeness. But you need to know fur pretty good to do that, in which you'd probably already know your time frames. Weather/temps has influences as well as food supplys on quality of the pelts, but only marginal on obtaining primeness. Texas pelts prime up, but it dont see to many 25-30 F days, so its not simply temps. Length of day, and position of Earth and moon/sun is part of it. Pretty complex really. Best bet is to talk to experienced fur handlers in your area to know.

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