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its starting to look like fur...
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Author:  NonPCfed [ 08 Oct 2015, 22:54 ]
Post subject:  its starting to look like fur...

As some of you know, my house is the way cornrer one of our subdivision, although they've been preparing the old hillside besides us all summer and will start building houses there. At the back side of my lot is a "creeklet" a couple feet wide that joints another one below the side corner of my property where it goes under the road in the double culvert and becomes a creek that flows past another subdivision and an open city park. My section of my creeklet is mostly cattails and some williows, and basically starts a "no-man's" low area and slope of the next creeklet that totals about 50+ meters wide. There will be a bike path on what used to be a dirt trail for the farmer to get his machinery up the hill to the cropland on the top. Total distance to the next house that is going to be build is probably about 75 meters of "green" space.

I caught a nice buck mink on a natural pocket on my creeklet back in Dec. 2011 using a 120 guarding it. That trap lay in wait almost 3 weeks until the sucker came by, probably the same mink my kids had seen in the culvert that summer. This morning about 7:30 the wifey was taking the kids to school (they're both in high school now but we haven't broken down to get a car for them--and pay the extra insurance!) and about 150 yards towards the highway (and way from the creeklet) they see what they think first was a black-brown cat running (loping) down one of the side streets and then it crossed right in front of them into a grassy field that has a drainage that never really holds any water. This drainage hooks up with the main creek about 40 meters down from my culverts. But the critter wasn't a cat because of the way it was running but a big buck mink! T has been sort of pumped to lay a little steel with me this season and so I think I'll have him set 2 120s in choke points in our creeklet when the water season opens up. I'm pretty sure sooner or later, mr. mink will run that stretch of water. Not really a matter of make a Hamilton or so if we catch him but maybe the kids first critter and another one out of the back yard, which may become tougher to do in the coming years.

There are 2 ways into my subdivision. The first one is flat and has houses and apartments along it and some offices across the way. The back way comes down a hill that has a crop field and then pasture on the one side and then big crop field across the highway. This year that big field is in corn. Right at the entrance of that subdivision road and the highway, not 10 meters apart this morning, was a nice dead pepe le pew and a smashed grinner (hit while coming to dine on the pepe??). I've seen at least 3 nice skunks dead on the roads around here during the last week or so and more dead coon, although there always seems to be coon being hit on the roads such as the 2 main ways I go to work which is about 13 miles on country rural highways. I've been watching a decent looking med. coon get ripe this week on one of the ways to work north of bedroom town. This morning its legs were pretty high so it will probably be popped in the morning or sometime tomorrow. Maybe 6 weeks from now, I would have stopped and grabbed that one the first time I saw it. Then again, maybe not this year.

Anyway, its starting to look like fur around here...

Author:  wolf1199 [ 09 Oct 2015, 07:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: its starting to look like fur...

I picked up a road kill fox yesterday on the trap line. Although it is still early for them the fur was not damaged. Looks like it was run over on the head only. Skinned and in freezer. Starting to put up my spring beaver before I go after more. The place is starting to look like fur.

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