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The One That Got Away
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Author:  TrapperCH [ 29 Mar 2015, 21:11 ]
Post subject:  The One That Got Away

I was trapping on some private land about 1600 acres. I had started setting traps Saturday and getting familiar with the area, with it being my first year to trap there. Me and my brother were checking Monday and get the first Bobcat of the season! As we continue to run the trapline we noticed that we had an animal pull up a trap and stake on one of my traps were I had a dirthole set across from some bobcat scat and tracks on a road. I couldn't tell what the animal was due to the hard rock road, suspecting a bobcat, but didn't see a bobcat jumping a stake out of the ground. It wasn't a big fight circle and behind the dirthole was were water had run off the road in the ditch from a previous rain and as the animal fought it had gotten water in my trapbed straight down to the stake and loosening the soil. Me and my brother look for an hour or so off the road and no sign of any direction to which the animal had gone. We get done that week and I'm getting ready for another place to trap about 2 weeks later and get a call that somone had found a trap on the opposite side of the road. I usually use drags and am going to add cable stakes to my line now. We ended up catching 2 bobcats and 8 coons on that land and I ended up with 6 bobcats this season, but still I think most about "The One That Got Away".

Author:  Backwoodsmansback [ 01 Apr 2015, 07:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: The One That Got Away

No matter how many critters you catch over the years the ones that got away, trap shy, stolen etc seem to stand out in our memories more.

Author:  remrogers [ 01 Apr 2015, 12:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: The One That Got Away

Even on private land, there seems to be a multitude of thieves. Some believe they can go anywhere and do as they please because they live in the area.

If the territory allows, a drag is always a good idea, at the edge of a road.

Author:  TrapperCH [ 01 Apr 2015, 17:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: The One That Got Away

Yea I hear you. I had 2 traps stolen this year at 2 different places. I ran into the people at one place and got my traps back. That's really disappointing to see that someone has taken your traps that you have invested in and took the time to set.

Author:  Backwoodsmansback [ 01 Apr 2015, 21:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: The One That Got Away

Many dont even have a use for'em either. Caught duck hunters from Chicago years ago takin my rat traps on a marsh. They thought they were abandoned since no one was there with them :roll: , wanted them for their dens(what we call a man cave now). Once everything calmed down they turned out to be decent if rather unknowledgable gentlemen. Even nicely dispatched a few critters in my traps a few times. Since we dont sit on our gear johnny sneakum will always be a threat, been that way for centuries, just Johnny changed from aggressive Indians, outlaws etc to bunny huggers, sneak thieves, Johnny come lately "trappers", meth heads, pot growers etc. I kinda like mediocre fur prices. I get to keep more of my gear and catches.

Author:  Chick [ 03 Apr 2015, 20:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: The One That Got Away

Where were you at when you had the 2 traps stolen, that you recovered? Bet there is a story there!

What kind of stake was on the trap that you just lost? I would think coyote, before bobcat. I use 30 or 32" 1/2" rebar stakes, or Berkshire Heavy Duty disposable stakes. With the disposable stakes, if they are left out in the rain, the water goes down the hole, and as solid as they are in dry weather, once it rains a couple days, I can pull an 18" Berkshire disposable out of the ground, with out tools.

Author:  TrapperCH [ 03 Apr 2015, 22:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: The One That Got Away

I was on a club in Fred. It was on a Saturday when I brought my 3 yr old son with me to set traps. We probably spent bout 4-6 hrs riding around setting 16 traps and brought my line to 31. That's bout all I can handle to run after work. Well I was itching to run my traps Sunday and went by myself to run them because my son went to church. As I was running my line I thought I heard four wheelers riding across the club on a pipeline were I had set 2 traps and I had been coming up to traps thrown left and right do to dogs. Well already aggrivated with the dogs I rush to the pipeline to find a trap gone. I looked and looked thinking there is no way anything left with my drag and all and after 15 mins of looking I ride to check my flat set I had by coyote scat and tracks and notice it gone. At this point I see four wheeler tracks by my set that wasn't there Saturday. Well at this point I'm fired up and start back tracking and pulling traps. As I'm pulling a trap I hear four wheelers heading my direction and I look up and there is five four wheelers and bout 5-6 dogs. I could feel my face boil as the approach me and I walk up and ask. " yall have any dogs caught in traps?" With a surprised look one fella says " what kind of trap?" As I explain myself I look to see a young boy raise up a compartment to his four wheeler and there are my 2 traps. Without a word said I walked over and grabbed them out. They said I had a rabbit in one and I'm guessing they rode over the other one. I told them I put a lot of time and effort into this and helping them out for them to just take my traps and ride all over them. They nod and looked ashamed and rode off. I did catch 2 grey fox there and a few coons. As far as the bobcat I lost, it was a #2 Duke with a 2' rebar stake.

Author:  Chick [ 04 Apr 2015, 22:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: The One That Got Away

So, these guys had dogs with them? Hog Dogs? I put signs up on all of the gates on my lease "Notice. Steel Leg Hold traps and Cable Snares in use for Coyote and Hog Control." So, anyone who lets their dogs get on my lease know what to expect. At one point, I had over 75 #3 Bridgers out.

You need 30' or 32" 1/2" rebar stakes. I have even had one of those pulled by a hog, but never by a coyote. The shorter the stake, the longer you need to have the trap chain. A 30" stake and a 12 -16" trap chain works pretty good, but you need at least 3 swivels and a shock spring in line.

Author:  TrapperCH [ 05 Apr 2015, 20:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: The One That Got Away

Yes, they had hog dogs and just looked like they were joy riding. I talked to the president prior to trapping and he said nobody runs dogs in there and that he would let members know that I was trapping. A sign does sound like a good idea if it doesn't give too much attention. It seems like it doesn't matter how you go about it, you're going to run into some sort of problems with people.

Usually the only traps I stake are DP's and the others I use drags and now going to give cable stakes a try.

Author:  Chick [ 05 Apr 2015, 22:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: The One That Got Away

I am the president of our club, and the people around us, who run hog dogs, know that I do not allow them on the lease. the lease is over 6000 acres.

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