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Conibear Traps
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Author:  cooncrazy [ 31 Jan 2015, 19:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Conibear Traps

I've been running bmi's for as long as I can remember, never have had a problem with any of them.

Author:  Catman50plus [ 04 Mar 2015, 22:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Conibear Traps

I run real old Vics, Duke and some BMI. I have to say that the BMI are my favorite traps. For water use, if you spend a few mins and tune them, and I do all my large ones because of otter, the Duke is great! I know, the haters will come out, lol and that is ok too. I wound up with a few 160 Duke traps and love them for rats, in fact, I set one in a strange place for a rat, and dang if I didn't have a 45 pound beaver in it. He was DRT (dead right there for folks not from Miss.) I run about 8 feet of chain and cable on them, and it appears he never flinched. May never happen again, but was right impressed with that lil trap. No, lol I wont be setting them for beaver, but I do have a few swivels in the line for the odd otter that decides to get in the wrong trap.

I do know that the Duke traps that I held, the springs were stronger than those on the same sized Bridger. I wont run Bridger down, but would compare them before spending. I know one man spent a lot of money to return I think it was 5 doz 220 Bridger because they were weak.

Author:  conibearcat [ 07 Mar 2015, 00:09 ]
Post subject:  Re: Conibear Traps

them dukes do have strong springs, but stronger dosent make them better
its ok on conis but on pans they cause unnessary damage to the critters thats why I dont use dukes

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