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Trapping flood water
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Author:  CoonGitter [ 07 Dec 2014, 17:31 ]
Post subject:  Trapping flood water

This year I'm mainly doing water trapping, and due to the week long heavy rains we have had my river property has flooded over its banks. There is a small field that is mostly knee deep water, and the large field is partially flooded. How do raccoons handle this situation? The river was at normal level for a long time and there was well defined trails and dens, and many places to make blind sets. Now that the river has risen and flooded everything, will the raccoons stay in the area? I'm thinking either the raccoons will hang around and find new dens for the time being, and will prowl the places that were once flooded for dead fish and crawdads and travel the waters edge (similar to what they do when the water is normal level, except higher up on the bank). OR, due to their world being torn upside down and homes flooded, leave the area and roam all over the place in a panic. Next weekend I plan on filling the place with traps using fresh fish for bait and using salmon oil as lure along the receding waters edge. Anybody have opinions on this? I've had good luck using canned makarel in pocket sets sprayed with salmon oil. If anybody has trapped floodwater and knows anything about animal behavior in these conditions I would love to hear from you. 8)

Author:  Backwoodsmansback [ 07 Dec 2014, 22:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Trapping flood water

Your plan should work and youve got the right idea. Coons wont leave the area as long as theres den sites they can find. If the weathers temperate they will sleep/rest on tree limbs for several days too. Cover is key, if theres no cover they'll disperse to where they can find adequate cover . Problem with a receding shoreline is moving traps everyday to keep 1-2" of water over the sets. Personally in those conditions i use available "holes" etc if theyre in the right spot or just make PVC sets. If theres no rain or no reason for the water to come back up you can set just a little deeper in the early am and sometimes get 2 or 3 days out of a set. Cheap bait(s) are a good idea and with such frequent moves lures left behind and may educate a few older coons. Lure for the most part isnt palatable. Like going to a pizza joint, smell makes your mouth water but if the sausage is rotten? If theres rats id seriously consider some floats etc too and you can also make "dry" sets (dirt hole etc) for the coons and put out cubbys with conis or footholds and not have to fight the receding water with those. You may see some of your biggest catches of the season right beside that floodwater. Good luck

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