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Shiny as a Day old Nickel
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Author:  Lil Bit [ 22 Sep 2006, 23:29 ]
Post subject:  Shiny as a Day old Nickel

yep. My new snares that came in the mail. I've never seen ones so shiny. None of my snares are this shiny. None of the ones I've put together, and none that I've purchased in the past. I mean SHIIIIIINY!!! I'm talkin' sunrise-on-a-light-chop shiny. Blinding. Suggestions on how to make it go away!!!!!????

Author:  STEELWALKER [ 22 Sep 2006, 23:43 ]
Post subject:  shinny

LiL Bit,
Easiest way todo it is to boil some water in a kettle. Once it starts boiling add about 4/5 tablespoons of baking soda. Stir it. Place your snares in it for about 2 min. Once in for 2 minutes I placed mine directly into freezer size baggies. That way they won't pick up any contamination. Otherwise, boil, add bakingsoda and hang out as you would regular traps. Hope this helps.

Author:  warcraft1975 [ 23 Sep 2006, 14:36 ]
Post subject: 

yep can boil them in baking soda or when you get them in the summer you can just leave them outside for long peroids of time to knock the shine off them

Author:  Lil Bit [ 23 Sep 2006, 19:17 ]
Post subject: 

Thanks guys. I've just never seen cable so shiny! I wasn't sure whether I should set it on land, or wear it out dinner!

Author:  ADC [ 23 Sep 2006, 21:23 ]
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I like painting them best. I use camo paint. Coil a dozen together spray one side with forest green the other with brown. They blend in great. The boiling removes oils from the inside of the cable and promotes corrosion which will over a couple years weaken your cable, rusting from the inside out. If you catch something the first year no biggie but if you don't for a yaer or two.... :(


Author:  Lil Bit [ 24 Sep 2006, 00:18 ]
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What do you think about formula 1?

Author:  ADC [ 24 Sep 2006, 08:50 ]
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My buddy got some of the brown to to try this year for the first time. It looks pretty good but dipping 600-800 snares one at a time according to the directions is going take a while. :shock: If you only got a few dozen to do though it seems pretty good. Still a bit of shine though with it unlike the paint but not bad enough to cause refusals IMO.


Author:  Lil Bit [ 24 Sep 2006, 14:07 ]
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Well, my dull grey snares I'm going to leave alone... which is about 300. These are shiny so I'm gonna try the formula one. I'll let you guys know how it works out. I got brown like ADC suggested.

Author:  willie [ 15 Oct 2006, 10:17 ]
Post subject:  shiney snares

lil bit If you live wear thear are oak trees and you use a wood stove. put some ashes in your boiling watter for about 20 minnets Let cool hose off. Thall be the dullest gray youve ever seen. I even use this on my traps.

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