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scouting made easy
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Author:  STEELWALKER [ 21 Sep 2006, 18:09 ]
Post subject:  scouting made easy

I love it when the animals I'm going to go after make it easy on scouting. I live in the country next to a farner whose corn fields and hay fields butt up against the road I must travel to get home. Every night, almost within 5 minutes of every sighting, in exaactly the same locations, I've seen coyotes, red fox and greys, traveling along the edge of a certain corn field or crossing the road goig onto aa trail under the same tree night after night for the past 2 months. Now I know they might change thier pattern once fall shifts into high gear, but I can almost gaurantee that they will run this trail and end up in sets which are ear-marked for them inchoice locations. Yeah, I love easy patterning. :D

Author:  STEELWALKER [ 21 Sep 2006, 22:59 ]
Post subject:  SCOUTING

LOL. I might be able to trap. But darn sure can't spell. Better proff read it next time. lol.

Author:  warcraft1975 [ 23 Sep 2006, 14:42 ]
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i have been scouting bobcats all most every weekend for the past month or so getting things worte down so i wont forget on maps takeing pics of tracks and other important things,i like to scout gets me out of the house and i think its alot of fun

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