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Season end blues.......time for beaver!!!!
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Author:  HappyTrapper [ 02 Mar 2012, 20:30 ]
Post subject:  Season end blues.......time for beaver!!!!

Well the rat season is over with and then coon and fox will also close in the next couple weeks. I picked up a road kill coon last week and the fur still looked really good so I might throw a couple coon sets out, but I think beaver will start to be my main focus. I have one beaver spot in mind but it would be new to me trapping a creek with fast water. My friend and I fished a river in his backyard this summer and in the middle of the night my bait click started cranking out and I thought I had a huge catfish on...........well after hearing the tell tale slap of a tail and suddenly nothing on my line I knew it was a beaver. Sucker swam across my line and was temporarily tangled up! Thought I had a monster! Do you guys have any cool sets for beaver in a river with pretty fast moving water? I have actually never even trapped open water for beaver... so far in my short trapping career all of my beaver trapping has been through the ice. Not sure if I should try to gear up with 750's or 330's???? Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks guys!

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