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by-products of trapping
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Author:  STEELWALKER [ 18 Sep 2006, 22:17 ]
Post subject:  by-products of trapping

How many of you sell by-products from the critters you trap and if so where and what?

Author:  ADC [ 18 Sep 2006, 22:53 ]
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I don't sell it but I use some parts of several different critters to make bait out of. I save/use, beaver meat and castor, rat meat, fox anal glands, and a bit of skunk essence. There are a few other things I may save/use this year if I get the chance.


Author:  Lil Bit [ 19 Sep 2006, 00:11 ]
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I don't sell it, but I do use a good bit of it for my own stuff, like bait.

Author:  whitetailaddict [ 19 Sep 2006, 07:29 ]
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I sell from beaver- castor, oil, meat, teeth, skulls.

fisher-skulls, glands
rat-skulls, glands
cat-meat, skulls, glands

sure I forgot some, oh well

Author:  MEtrapper [ 19 Sep 2006, 09:56 ]
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Most of mine have been mentioned. Musk, bait, and the rare meal of something exotic while my wife is away...

Author:  ADC [ 19 Sep 2006, 23:25 ]
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whitetailaddict wrote:

WTA - fill me in on how to collect the mink glands and how to store them, would ya please?


Author:  Lil Bit [ 20 Sep 2006, 09:24 ]
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And where do you guys sell all these things?

Author:  whitetailaddict [ 20 Sep 2006, 09:41 ]
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I don't mess with any weasel family members glands, I sell the whole carcasses to Trapper Art, he lives 10 minutes away. I can get the skinny on it if you want it, Art is a good fella will tell you just about anything once he knows ya (ifn' ya ask that is)

Author:  Lil Bit [ 20 Sep 2006, 10:26 ]
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Ah. Sounds interesting.

Author:  whitetailaddict [ 20 Sep 2006, 10:36 ]
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75% of my stuff goes to a friend of mine here that has a lure business, the rest goes to whomever is willing to pay the most. Sometimes t-man, ebay, the paper, etc. wta

Author:  warcraft1975 [ 23 Sep 2006, 14:43 ]
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i just save urine and meat for bobcats myself for making my own baits

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