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off the wall
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Author:  STEELWALKER [ 07 Sep 2006, 21:17 ]
Post subject:  off the wall

Who, if any are at work right now getting paid to "browse" on this talky machine? I am. :oops:

Author:  Lil Bit [ 07 Sep 2006, 21:38 ]
Post subject: 

I don't get paid. I'm just sittin' here.

Author:  STEELWALKER [ 07 Sep 2006, 21:44 ]
Post subject:  sitting

Lil Bit,
you sound dejected tonight. :( Tired? I've only got 4 hours to go before I can go home and eat, shower and snooze. But, I'm being paid so....

Author:  Lil Bit [ 07 Sep 2006, 21:48 ]
Post subject: 

Very tired. Tired and in pain. Yesterday's pt really took a lot out of me, and I'm trying NOT to take the perks. I think I'm going to have to give in tonight though.

4 hours and counting, eh? At least you get to play online. :)

Author:  TrapperKD [ 07 Sep 2006, 21:59 ]
Post subject: 

I am self-employed, I drive a computer for a living so I am online ALL THE TIME. :shock: :roll:

Lil Bit, it sounds like you need some rest.

Author:  STEELWALKER [ 07 Sep 2006, 22:24 ]
Post subject:  perks

Lil Bit,
hurt my back once so I know a little how it is. Take your meds. Hope you are feeling better though. Heard about your "run in" on T-man. :(

Author:  Lil Bit [ 07 Sep 2006, 23:14 ]
Post subject: 

I think I'm going to turn in. I have to rub John for about 45 minutes, but I'll pop a few perks after that and zonk. Thanks guys. Have fun.

Author:  Brad H [ 10 Sep 2006, 08:27 ]
Post subject: 

I'm sitting on a drilling rig waiting for a phone call. It's been a bad week for things going wrong so there's been a lot of waiting...and browsing.


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