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A nice Buck
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Author:  wwtrapper [ 11 Nov 2006, 19:08 ]
Post subject:  A nice Buck

My son finally got his buck, a nice one. I just got done checking my line Friday nite when he called me and said he just shot the big 10 pointer he saw the nite before. I was already pumped up because I finally got more than one coon(3) so I told him I'd be right there to help him find it. When I got there he told me he hit it high. I asked how high, he said maybe in the head. It was straight on to him, 10 yards out looking to its right. He was 12 feet up in a tree. He thought his aim would be low so he aimed a little higher. He did see it run off with the arrow sticking out of it. We tracked it for three hours with not a lot of blood to go on but at least there was a little snow. At 8:00 the trail came to a fence on private property. I told him to come back in the morning and ask permission to go across his property to keep tracking. To make a long story short after two more miles he found it. It was one of the strangest shots I have ever seen. I don't want to describe it on here for other peaple to see but I'll tell you about it if you want to pm me. There is another part to the story and you'll think I'm a little wierd but I thought there was no way we would find that deer. Very little blood and he didn't look like he was hurt or slowing down. My son went today by himself and he is colorblind and doesn't see the blood hardly at all in the snow but somehow he found it. The best deer hunter I ever knew was my little brother. He lived and breathed deer hunting and he and Aaron were close. He was killed in a car accident five years ago. Today, Veterens Day, would have been his fortieth birthday and I think somehow he got to be in the woods and help his nephew out when he needed it.

Author:  TrapperKD [ 12 Nov 2006, 11:18 ]
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Congratulations to your son! Glad he found the deer.

Author:  quackattack13 [ 29 Nov 2006, 12:02 ]
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thats one to remember!

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