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Fun Night
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Author:  greenhorn [ 15 Oct 2006, 21:36 ]
Post subject:  Fun Night

I help a little with a Wildlife Management company doing night time spotlight deer surveys. This past Thursday we went out and had a fun time. First off we saw about 30 deer wich is good compaired to the average. We also saw a Coyote at about 35 yards, a stinker :shock: , and the game worden came and gave us a visit. When we do these spotlights the game worden gets called but this time he didnt get the message. He came jumping out of his truck and was ready for action. It kinda cought me off gard. I never expected them to be so aggresive. Well that was all the excitement that we had that night.
I thought it was kinda a fun night and wanted to share.

Author:  MEtrapper [ 16 Oct 2006, 07:13 ]
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I work with a guy from Vermont, and he says that thier game wardens rarely leave the truck, and never come chasing you down. He was fishing in the middle of a river this summer and one of our wardens walked right out to him in waist deep water--no waders or anything besides his uniform--and checked his license.

They are ALWAYS ready for action up here.

Author:  TrapperKD [ 16 Oct 2006, 12:19 ]
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Our Wisconsin wardens tend to stay on top of things as well-- when they are around. Budget shortages have really limited the number of wardens so you don't really see them that often.

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