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PostPosted: 20 Nov 2017, 20:46 
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Hi Yall awesome trappers !!!!!!! Ok so Im green with envy that Im not out breaking ice on the Musselshell to set snares !!!

Ok so back to the fence post pulling. I saw this on you tube and some of yall might already know this trick.

Wrap a heavy chain around the bottom of the post,,,, but a spare tire up against the post with the chain going up and over the tire, being sure to center the chain. then attach to truck and pull slowly.

I was moving fences today and of course didn't remember I saw that until it was too late and I already fenced off the posts I needed to pull. So I guess I'll get some shovel time in soon.

Im enjoying the mild winters here again. Riding my bike when the days are sunny and at least in the high thirties.
I have seventy five k on it and it's starting to have some ticking from the valves. Im getting mixed info on my shadow, some say the valves need adjusted and some say it's not possible to do on a 2000 Honda Shadow Sabre. Still need to do some more asking around. My bike mechanic, well one of them says I should sell my bike. EXPLITIVE !!!! Can't imagine not having one. It's really the only fun I have lately.

In order to not have to ride my bike all winter I bought a 1997 Saturn, great gas mileage. On the way home from buying it it blew a rod. So I've have my hands in taking everything off the motor so we can pull it. fortunately I found another motor.
Nice little car, sorta dorky but could look "cool" with the right things done to it.

I've never done much mechanicking, I did put a water pump on a 54 chevy panel truck once... thats about it. It's very foreign to me and I get anxious. but then the job is done I see how simple it was. Im surprised as how easy it is to change motors, with help of course !!! My ex and I visit nearly daily and I traded him my ROLLED TOYOTA for his work on my cars and bike.

I went fishing a couple months ago. darn worms are still alive in my fridge. I didn't catch anything. A friend brought me some catfish fillets that were so good fried with corn meal breading, Unfortunately I didn't have Mashed Potato FLAKES which is my favorite fish breading.

I have another gun holster to make. This time Im going to make a wooden model of the Walther 45 so I don't mess up like I did on DA RATS ( HI RAT) holster which would probably fit a 50 cal desert eagle. I making the holster out of an old, tooled saddle.

When I lived on the Musselshell, one of the ranchers wives, who had difficulty getting up into the pick up, had a stirrup attached to the bottom of the door frame for a foot up. Looked pretty neat. Worked great.

Bad news here. My son who Im living with now, was recently diagnosed with MS. Hes only 27. Hes having a tough time with it, even though he doesn't say much.
Makes my heart ache. Of course as a parent I wish I could trade places with him.

I haven't done anything about the annoying Photo Shop pop up ad, so it will accompany this note. Sorry.
I hope all is well with everyone. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.
Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Wuv Musselshell Gal. xoxo

" She's got the heart of a poet and the emotional makeup of a junk yard dog " ~ Stephen King
"Cremation, my last hope for a smok'n hot body" ~ Facebook

PostPosted: 21 Nov 2017, 15:40 
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Professional Trapper

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Hey Lady!! Good to hear from you. Was really beginning to think you had had enough of us. Nice to have you back.

Have heard of that post pulling trick, using a tractor. Lay a chain out from the post and back a rear tire of the tractor over the chain and against the post. Pull the chain over the tire and fix it to the base of the post. Drive slowly forward and drag the post out of the ground.

You seem to have a hard time with vehicles. You take a slidder down the road rash highway with the bike, roll your Toyota, and then have an engine go south on you. Remind me not to loan you my new truck.

I'm not a mechanic either. Looking under the hood of these newer vehicles makes my head hurt. I can do the oil, air filter, and top off the fluids, but the rest of the engine looks NOTHING like the straight six that was in my old 59 GMC. There was enough room under that hood, I could crawl in and do what needed to be done. Just too old and set in my ways now to learn to work on this truck.

Haven't done as much fishing this year as I would have liked, but did do fairly well the few times I went. Friend took his sixteen year old son to Crane Prairie Res. and did real well on rainbows and brook trout. Drifted caddis and dragonfly larva, where the stream empties in, and caught a bunch. Most where 12 to 16", but did nail some 22 and 24 inchers as well.

As for PhotoShop, I pulled all my pictures and have started using PostImage.org. Have been have no problems and been very pleased with their site. Do wish they did videos, but that's life. Give them a try and I believe you will like it.

Sorry to hear about your son's diagnosis. Much to young to have something like that to deal with. There has been some progress made in treatment and I wish him well. We will all be pulling for him.

Keep in touch!!!

PostPosted: 22 Nov 2017, 18:28 

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Sorry to hear about your son. Prayers sent.

Those who trade liberty for security shall have neither.

"Take ye heed,watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is".

Rev. 6:8 and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was death , and Hell followed with him.

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