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A Sad Misconception Of History
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Author:  trapperrick [ 20 Aug 2017, 06:23 ]
Post subject:  A Sad Misconception Of History

I've been watching these idiots that have been leading a push to rid society of Confederate monuments and a the great, great grandson of someone who fought for the Union I'm really sickened by this.

First of all, if these idiots knew their history, the civil war had very little to do with slavery. The Confederate States of America stood for individual state rights and did not want a centralized government telling them what to do. Yet, there is this huge misconception out there that these monuments stand for hate but in reality, they stand for freedom from an oppressive socialistic government.

These Confederate Generals that are having their monuments torn down are some of the greatest Generals in American history.

General Robert E. Lee graduated at the top of his class at West Point.

P.G.T Beauregard was a supervisor at West Point and became the first Brigadier General of the CSA.

General Samuel Cooper was born in New York and, despite his relative obscurity today, he outranked such luminaries such as Robert E. Lee, Joseph E. Johnston, Albert Sidney Johnston and P.G.T. Beauregard. He was the only General to report directly to Jefferson Davis.

Author:  Chieftain [ 20 Aug 2017, 09:39 ]
Post subject:  Re: A Sad Misconception Of History

it sure is a sad state of affaires

Author:  Roaddawg [ 22 Aug 2017, 20:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: A Sad Misconception Of History

You know in these liberals, I truly see the beginning of fascism. I mean if you look at what they are doing and saying, they truly believe that if you don't agree with them you should be jailed or worse!

I am a student of history and I do Civil War Living Histories as a Federal Soldier when I can and I support the flying of the Confederate Flag , but I am also a student of our countries history. I don't pretend to know it all and I am always willing to learn from others, but what I am seeing is very similar to what the Nazi's brought forth in the early days in Germany.

If you read some of the ridiculous stories like these people wanting to jail a person who is a "Climate Change" denier, that should worry normal people. I don't wish to get in to any argument with anyone who believes this farce, especially when it been proven that scientists are submitting false data to affirm this is happening .

But, truly think about what you are seeing and tell me where you have seen this same type of behavior occurring in world history.

I can start with Germany, Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Syria and the list goes on and on!

I believe that were are seeing the rise of a new type of fascism in the world, one that is not the responsibility of Republicans. I am and always have been a Republican. I don't always agree with their policies, but I am not a racist, not a bigot, not anti-gay but because I am affiliated with the Republicans I am a target, much like the Jews were prior to the rise of Hitler in Germany.

I believe in the Holy Trinity and I try everyday to be good to my fellow man and be as non-judgmental as possible (I don't always do well at this one, but I try).

I am a retired Police Officer who has grown to believe that our current law enforcement has become way too invasive, and I am willing to protect my self and family with the weapons I own and shoot very well, I might add!

I believe it is time that we wake up and begin to stop this looming threat that is on the horizon of our Republic and begin to take a stand against this ridiculous bunch of wankers!

Sorry to ramble a bit, but look at world history and tell me what you think!

Author:  doc9013 [ 22 Aug 2017, 20:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: A Sad Misconception Of History

I believe you are 100% correct Roaddawg.

This began many decades ago but has greatly accelerated in the last 8 years. The liberal/ socialist leftists are brainwashing many Americans, especially our children, by indoctrinating them with misinformation, false history, downright lies. Teaching them that white people are evil/racist/bigots and that they are " victims " . Americans are being enslaved , this is true, but not by " whites " . Rather by government, both republicans and demorats , in the form of welfare and food stamps and free Obama phones, not because they are victims, or because they deserve it , but rather for votes , to keep the elites in office. The latest form of slavery and wealth re-distribution is Obamacare, stealing money from working men and women to give it to the " victims " . We don't have to worry about the Russians or North Korea, we are being enslaved by our own government. One law at a time.

Many Americans are slowly beginning to wake up and see the light . I just hope it isn't too late.

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