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Author:  remrogers [ 29 Apr 2017, 22:07 ]
Post subject:  Musselshellgal

Hey there lady. Was beginning to wonder where you got off to. Good to have you back on the forum. What have you been up to, other than not dumping your bike, I'd hope.

Author:  Musselshellgal [ 04 May 2017, 00:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Musselshellgal

Hello REM ~
I pray that you and your family are well. Nice to hear from you.

Nope, Ive managed to stay up on two since my last tumble.

Im doing ok. Was given a 99 Grand Am last year that i fixed up and sold and purchased... get this.... a 1984 Ford Ranger 2.8 V-6. Two door. Roll up windows !!!!! Yea !!!!! It even has a carburetor. The cab is in pretty good shape but the bed is sorta rough. My main issue with the vehicle is it only has a four speed tranny, which means its cruising speed is about 55. Im trying to negotiate my rolled Toyota for a five speed tranny and a couple other smaller parts.

I've always been more of a truck or suv type of gal. The Grand Am got great mileage but that trailer hitch I put on it was a waste of money.

I've finally begun to be creative again after nearly a two year stretch of making nothing. So that's exciting for me.
Im barely working for a woman who I help keep her property in order.
Im not working for the woman with MS any longer.
I really Miss my job at the horse ranch. I loved going there. It wasn't even work, but the best part of most of my days.

I recently passed my conceal carry class. And will be getting my permit soon as I have $152 for the permit. My friend got his and because he's a vet he wasn't charged for his permit.
SO..... When I go to the sheriffs office to get mine, Im going to inform them that I might never have been IN the military personally, but I've done my very best to serve under the military several times !!!!! :wink: :mrgreen: If nothing else just to hear their comment. If any. Seems less and less people can take a joke these days.
I enjoyed the class. I've always been a good enough shot to not have to waste ammo. Just a few rounds to reassure myself of my aim. I always use to shoot off hand right handed, and never cared for the double grip. I must have gotten bit by a slide at some point in my shooting history. Not by my eagle, but by a different weapon.
BUT after this class I find I do like to shoot double handed. I did really well in the intuitive shooting. Hadn't done much of that before.

Im still very restless and bored here on the prairie, but it seems I have no avenue of escape. Not being able to take my eyes off the train wreck coming down the world's tracks, well it's pretty hard to think of taking off on my own to parts unknown.
My offer to go to Mich still holds but I don't like living on peninsulas and Im not sure about the whole mich immigrant thing. My offer to go to Oregon still stands but I would be very secluded again. I wouldn't want to be any burden on my adopted brother. So I don't know what Im doing from day to day. I'ts a very unsettling feeling that I don't care for. msg

Haven't been hunting or fishing. And for sure no trapping. But Im always checking out the drainage ditches and rivers for sign and plan in my head how I'd set snares.
Need to get my canoe out on the lake before the skeeters get bad. The small lakes around here are holding ponds for the farmers east of us. They are full and up into the trees which makes for more interesting canoeing than just out on the lake. IMHO !!

Bought black dice valve covers for my truck today. Going to get the windows tinted, lift kit would be nice but wow they are expensive. I have a JC whitney catalog coming as well as another auto parts mag.

So that's it in a darn big nutshell. SSDD pretty much.
Longing always for life in the mountains again.
This place is not good for my head. :twisted:

Author:  remrogers [ 06 May 2017, 22:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Musselshellgal

Glad to know you have stayed upright on the bike. Road rash hurts and takes a fair amount of time to heal. Have been waiting for the rain to let up and the temps to try to get near normal. Finally gotten about half the garden in. Not sure how it will fair. Still below normal after a couple days in the mid 80's. Was down to 39 last night. If I don't finish planting soon, it will be a while before much more gets in. Wife just got out of the hospital from having her shoulder replaced. She is doing well, all things considered.

Don't be a stranger.


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