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Author:  wolf1199 [ 28 Feb 2017, 11:37 ]
Post subject:  Musselshellgal


I took this photo this morning on my walk near bents fort.
A couple of years ago i attended the bents fort amm rendezvous. I arrived in camp in the early evening and searched for a good spot on the outskirts of camp. Found this cluster of cottonwoods that made an awesome camp site. All close enough together to string rope and hang some calico yardage i had to shelter my camp from view. While setting camp i noticed a couple yello jackets on the sides of the trees..all with an attitude..wings extended and giving me the evil eye. I didnt think much about it and finished camp. By then it was dark and party time. :) WAUGH !!
Family issues came up and i had to leave in the am next day . as i began breaking camp i noticed all the different. Types of wasps who had built their nests in that little group of trees. They. Were now crawling on the bark of the trees.
I thank all my little hosts for allowing me to shelter among them for the night.

My toys and i.

Author:  Musselshellgal [ 28 Feb 2017, 14:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Musselshellgal

LOL wow wolf I think you should have loaded that bottom photo SIDEWAYS !!!
Im not quite that wide boys. :)

Author:  doc9013 [ 28 Feb 2017, 19:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Musselshellgal

Cool bike MSG !! 8)

Author:  wolf1199 [ 28 Feb 2017, 21:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Musselshellgal

Sorry msg that was the best I could do with that pic. All your pics come in different sizes and those sideway pics are terrible to resize.

Author:  Musselshellgal [ 01 Mar 2017, 21:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: Musselshellgal

No need to be sorry wolf. :)
I was just razzing you. I so very much appreciate that you are willing to post photos for me. Im hoping to have my comp up and going very soon.
Thanks again...msg

Author:  trappintime [ 02 Mar 2017, 09:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Musselshellgal

Man do that look like a good place to call a coyote. 8)

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