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Martin Sheen Pooped here...maybe.
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Author:  Musselshellgal [ 22 Sep 2016, 14:10 ]
Post subject:  Martin Sheen Pooped here...maybe.

Unfortunately I can't insert the photos of this awesome out house at our favorite stop on 350. The one where we stop half way between Trinidad and home. The same place I discovered my saddle bags had melted as well as my gas container.
It's at Delhi. Which is nothing more then an abandoned house/grocerystore/gas station which was featured in the movie Bad Land with a very young Martin Sheen. The double out house has the most elaborate ventelation system I've seen in outhouses. Well let me rephrase that,,, the ONLY ventelation system I've seen.

Being a backwoods gal, having lived rural or remote most of my adult life. In those places I usually had an outhouse. I've had some nice ones. I had a double one with high seat and window for adults and low seat and window for children. I usually paint the inside white and hang curtains and magazine racks and sure to have plenty of lime to keep down insects and smell and various incest sprays to keep the spiders and mosquitoes at bay.

But I never have a door.

In central Mt. where the temps get down to 40 below and believe me, in the middle of the night when the call arises you debate whether or not you can hold it till morning. But those times when we couldn't, it was throw on a coat and boots and gloves etc and tromp to the outhouse.
Minutes after sitting down we had several cats on our laps cause we were the warmest thing around and numerous horses with their heads peeking inside to see if by chance we were out to grain them in the middle of the night. It was a social event enjoyed by all !!!! And Orion making his way across the southern sky and if we were lucky, northern lights. I'd rather put up with cold in the winter than mosquitoes in the summer !

My oldest son and I dug an awesome outhouse hole that was so wide and deep we had a hard time getting back out. Our two yr old calf, Zaphod, ( who took advantage of me one day when I leaned over to pet a cat, and old Zaphod fell in love, mounting me from behind, holding me with his front legs and driving me into the side of our old milk cabin just about breaking my shoulder in the process. I was barefoot and all i could think about was him breaking my feet... Zaphod went to the butcher the next day. ) he came to investigate, turned and splattered us with runny cow dung, he knew what that hole was for. We were blessed that he didn't fall into said hole and kill us both.

Some people are just not into outhouses no matter how nice and clean they are. I've had two people who decided it was more decent to crap along my house or in the woods behind my house rather than use our outhouse. Ever try to wash human dung out of a Samoyed dogs thick hair after they have discovered the nice pile of scent cover? Not easy.

Every time im sitting at the kitchen table and bf desides he's gotta releieve himself,,, I curse the person who decided a toilet next to the kitchen table is ok... ok so sure it's separated by a wall but the effect is the same.
To this day I prefer an outhouse.

I'll send a photos to Wolf, of the ventellation system in the outhouse at Delhai ,,, that just maybe,, old sheen crapped in. LOL Hey, I have too !!!!

Here are your pics MSG




Author:  doc9013 [ 22 Sep 2016, 19:32 ]
Post subject:  Re: Martin Sheen Pooped here...maybe.

I've used outhouses lots of times. Would rather go outside than in the house. My grandmother had one even though she had a bathroom upstairs. They can get a mite ripe in the summer though. :shock:

Author:  wolf1199 [ 24 Sep 2016, 12:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Martin Sheen Pooped here...maybe.

I added your pics MSG to your post. Ripe they can be, but adding lime does wonders.

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