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PostPosted: 22 Jul 2016, 13:14 
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I hope some of you enjoy hearing this story about one of my favorite adventures.

It was the mid 80s and I was living in N. Idaho. I was invited to a conoe-in AMM rendezvous at Upper Priest Lake.
I didn't have a canoe and only knew one person with one, who would let me borrow it. It was an unfinished fiberglass canoe. It had none of the cross supports, sorry I don't remember the proper names, usually there are two. Well in desperation I borrowed his canoe and headed to the upper east end of the larger, Lower Priest Lake and a campsite called Lions Head I believe, where I planned cast off from.

I n years past I had been to several camps on the Upper Priest Lake which is only a couple miles long. It's reached from the large Lower Priest Lake by a narrow, winding channel thats about half a mile long. The upper lake is beautiful, water so clear when theres a moonlit night you can see the white sands ten feet below. So clear that when a photo is taken in the day of a canoe on the water, it appears to be floating in air. The current is slight and the canal varies in depth.

By the time I got the canoe in the water and loaded and my clothes changed from my civies to my " real clothes, my leathers", it was just about dark. I could see the lights of the houses across on the other side where I was headed and as night came upon me I was half way across.

I canoed up to the shore along where the houses were. There was a man out in his yard who could not see me nor me him because of the blackness of then night. I asked how far I was from the channel, and he, surprised, said it was about thirty feet south, so off I went, following the shoreline.

I found the small channel and headed up it. Going was easy. The farther up the canal I went I soon passed the last house and the last bit of artificial light. Of course my lantern set next to my bed at home.

Well, am I gonna sissy out or go for it. of course you know the answer to that one.

I paddled farther and soon I could barely see my hand in front of my face. I was in total darkness, NO moon. BUT..... I stayed centered in the middle of the canal by looking at the stars reflections on the water. As long as I was in the middle of the canal, I had stars above me and below me, if I got too far to one side then there would be darkness on the water. Using this method of navigation I made my way towards where my friends would be camped and the fun of surprising them awaited me.

At one point I thought perhaps there were moose in the water ahead of me as there was much lapping of water on the canoe and sounds of water moving against the shore, but fortunately it was just the rush of the water in the canal from the Upper Lake. So I knew my wonderful adventures in my canoe among the universe was soon to be over.

I reached camp and delighted in announcing my arrival in the cover of darkness which if the situation was different I might have counted some coup. LOL

The night was filled with conversation and laughter as some of my friends I hadn't seen for years.
There were beaver trapping seminars the next day. At one point I lay in the bottom of my canoe, tied in among the swishing cat tails, out of the chilly breeze, and basking in the sunshine.

Rocked to sleep by the gently lapping waves and the songs of natures best she has to offer.
Its where I go in my head when I can't deal with something, Im in that canoe, in the loving arms of mother nature, being rocked and sung too.

That is what I live for. That is who I am. My heart bleeds daily and I pray to somehow find the strength to tear myself away and give myself the opportunity to feel those rushes of adventure and being alive once again.

" She's got the heart of a poet and the emotional makeup of a junk yard dog " ~ Stephen King
"Cremation, my last hope for a smok'n hot body" ~ Facebook

PostPosted: 22 Jul 2016, 20:20 
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Very nice story.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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