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sony cassette player
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Author:  Musselshellgal [ 14 Jun 2016, 18:18 ]
Post subject:  sony cassette player

Found one, finally.
When we first started shoveling crap ( literally) and garbage and junk out of the old house we are purchasing. In among all the tele evangelist
pamphlets and old fifties porn, I found a cassette tape called.


The chances of finding that tape in that house with my name spelled correctly, was astronomical to say the least. I still haven't heard it. I tied a small cheapie back sack onto my sissy bar and took the long way home. I usually have my saddle bags on my bike, which are hard and will hold two gallons of paint in each side, but I took it off because I think the bike looks sportier without them.
Anyway, didn't have the bunji cords tight enough and lost the bag going through a small local town. Everything scattered all over the road., but the little sony cassette player was un scathed cept for two of the buttons which re connected easily. There was a state truck behind me that was kind enough to stop and keep cars from running into me. Always nice to receive an act of kindness. I do them all the time.
Had to go to work so haven't had a chance to listen to the tape yet. It appears to be remakes of old country music so it should be fun. Also found another tape, unopened, by Patsy Cline.

Author:  remrogers [ 15 Jun 2016, 01:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: sony cassette player


That wouldn't happen to be Vicki Lee, would it? I'd be interested in hearing that tape.


Author:  Roaddawg [ 17 Jun 2016, 19:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: sony cassette player

The name itself kinda sounds like a porn type of thing... Maybe it was an audio porn cassette for the blind!!?? :lol:

Author:  Musselshellgal [ 23 Jun 2016, 11:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: sony cassette player

I cant find a last name on or inside the cassettet.
The name of the band is
Vicki and her Country Classic Band of Angels
They do an ok job on some of the old classics.

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