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Author:  NonPCfed [ 05 Feb 2016, 00:20 ]
Post subject:  Badlands Pawn...

We have a new form of "entertainment" in my metro. Good old home boy Chuck Brennan has opened up "Badlands Pawn" across the street from the old Arena in Sioux Falls and "The Denny" (Stanford) Premier Event Center. Badlands Pawn is not only a pawn store but a tattoo parlor, has its own radio station and gun range, and will host intimate rock concerts of about 1,500 capacity. So if you want to drop $175 next week and come see KISS, there may still be tickets available, or better yet, cough up $1,500 and hob nob with Chuck, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, down at the vip table sometime before or after the show. Brennan previously opened the Rock and Roll Academy down next to "Clark County Collections" on the loop and recently bought the local sprint car racetrack (which will also have summer concerts). So ole Chuck is living the American dream large!! Its just too bad that his wealth comes from the struggles of people who get indebted to him through his pay-day loan empire out of Vegas.

I know some will say that Chuck is filling a void in the capitalist system, loaning people money who can't get loans anywhere else. And people are certainly adults and they can make their own decisions but I wonder how many people entering a Dollar Loan Center and the rest of his establishments really want to be there? How many ever get out of debt to Chuck and his crew?? We all make our own beds, I just have to be able to actually go to sleep in mine after living my actions. I guess I'd rather be a rather plain middle-class dude who doesn't have to step on the bodies of people with money problems to get ahead and all that brings than to go hang out with rock stars who will only be your friend as long as you have the cash to flash and get them things. Then again, the town west of me loves Denny Sanford who also made his hundreds of millions off of people with money issues but now he's giving it all away or at least mostly to Sandford Health to make more money for his groupies (but he really doesn't like things named after him after, how modest!!, just look at the creepy 12 foot statue of old Denny in front of the hospital's main door). In the end, I'm not the one who ultimately judges ...


http://www.argusleader.com/story/stu-wh ... /27374275/



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